EA responds as FIFA 23 player says they lost 6 million coins to hacker

fifa 23 mbappeEA SPORTS

Update: EA SPORTS has confirmed to Dexerto that the player in question had been purchasing FIFA coins and has since been issued with a ban.

“FUT Coin trading, selling or buying, outside the game violates our User Agreement. We actively police and take action against anyone found to be attempting to engage in unauthorized Coin trading,” they told Dexerto. “All activity related to playing FIFA Ultimate Team is designed to stay in the game. If players have a legitimate claim they would have their player items returned.”

The original story can be found below.


FIFA 23 players are putting EA on blast after their support team offered just under 3,000 coins to a gamer who says they lost over six million coins worth of players in an account hack.

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The game’s anti-cheat has been a point of discussion for some time now, with EA responding to the rise in FIFA 22 hacking cases with new ways to crack down on cheaters.

Though, members of the community have been pushing for them to get a few steps further, after a PC exploit turned teams invisible in FUT Champs and new incidents of account hacks occurred. In one case, a FUT trader saw over 200 million coins taken away in one of these attacks.

Since then, another affected player has now revealed a review of their case resulted in a measly 2,474 coins compensation, after their hacker discarded over six million coins worth of players.

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FIFA 23 player furious after hacker discards best players

The Reddit post, which has been upvoted hundreds of times on the FIFA subreddit, shows several examples of high-value cards that were discarded by hackers.

These include special cards for Paul Pogba, Dirk Kuyt, Xabi Alonso, Kylian Mbappe, and more.

For context, the Kylian Mbappe POTM Squad Building Challenge alone requires around two million coins on console and PC platforms, according to FUTBIN data.

These are the cards the player says they lost in the alleged hacker case.

The original poster said: “Hackers discarded close to 6M worth of players, EA compensated me with 2,474 coins.”

In the comments, another player posted: “Sorry for your loss. It’s my last FIFA, at least for FUT, ever.”

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A second replied: “EA help is literally useless,” followed by: “Feel for you bro. Did they steal your coins or just wrecked your account for the fun of it?”

The original poster confirmed coins were not stolen, so their balance remained 40,000 once their account was returned. As for the top SBC players they had been collecting, they are gone.

EA has not commented on this case publicly at the time of writing. Dexerto has reached out to EA for comment on this case.