FIFA 22 leaker reveals EA plans to take Fortnite’s two biggest features

. 11 months ago
FIFA 23 crossplay leak

It’s hard to look up any info about FIFA 22 without seeing leaks for the next game, but a new tease has some fans scratching their heads as it would be a massive change for the series.

Currently, all the talk in the FIFA world is obviously about the next installment of the game coming in October, 2021 and all of the changes it will hopefully bring. 

But, an interesting bit of info apparently leaked on July 17 about FIFA 23, of all things, taking some features from none other than Fortnite — and it’s so wild it’s a bit hard to believe EA would actually add these.

Crossplay for FIFA 23?

One thing that’s been hot on the mind of players is the possibility of crossplay for future games in the FIFA series. There’s no telling yet if EA will be able to implement the highly requested feature for 22, but according to FIFA leaker @DonkTrading on Twitter, that’s just what we’re in store for.

Epic Games allows players to face off in Fortnite no matter what console or platform they’re on, and seeing as FIFA isn’t a first-person shooter, you’d think EA Sports would have no problem implementing it for the football sim either.

Now, we have to admit it’s not much of a leak, if you can even call it that, but Donk has been reliable in the past, so it’s interesting that they would be tweeting this seemingly out of nowhere. Still, it’s important to note there’s no way to verify this info, so take it with a grain of salt.

Will FIFA be going free-to-play?

mbappe fifa 22
FIFA going free-to-play? Now we’ve heard it all.

Along with the crossplay tease, Donk also went a step further and hinted that FIFA 23 could even be going free-to-play. Even though some might see EA offering up free gameplay as a long shot, it might not actually be entirely out of the realm of possibility — all thanks to Ultimate Team.

There’s no doubt FUT is where EA makes the lion’s share of their money from FIFA, so why not offer up just that game mode as a free-to-play option?

Players who want to play careers or anything else would still have to buy the game, and there’s a good chance some players will get into FUT and spend money on coins, packs, and all those goodies.

It would seem like a win-win for EA, but again, there’s absolutely nothing backing up Donk’s claims here, so while they’d make for interesting speculation, we can’t do much more than that for the time being.

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