FIFA 22 players just found a Di Stefano ICON clue in-game

Di Stefano FIFA 22EA Sports/

FIFA 22 players have found a clue for a new ICON set coming for legendary Argentine footballer Alfredo Di Stefano.

FUT ICONS are some of the best items in FIFA 22 that celebrate the greatest footballers of all time. These cards come with some of the best stats in the game and are also some of the most expensive to acquire in Ultimate Team.

Now, a long-awaited Di Stefano ICON set could be one of the next to be released.

Di Stefano discovered on the FIFA 22 Transfer Market

On December 7, a 92 OVR Di Stefano appeared on the FIFA 22 Transfer Market. If you search “di” you can find it among the top-rated results.

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How do we know this is an ICON card and not something else? There’s only one listed, but stats for 92 and 90 rated cards were leaked before this as well.

In July 2021 FUT Watch uncovered both the 90 and 92 OVR Stefano cards which could very well be his base and mid ICON stats, respectively.

It makes a lot of sense to give Di Stefano, widely considered one of the all-time greats, his own ICON set in FIFA 22. What remains to be seen is when it will come out.

FIFA 22 Di Stefano ICON release date

We can’t say exactly when Alfredo Di Stefano’s ICON cards will become available, but it could happen around the New Year, which was when FIFA 21’s ICON Swap event happened.

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Regardless, if he’s showing up on the Transfer Market, we won’t have long to wait before we see his ICON set arrive in FIFA 22.