Cheeky FIFA 22 TikTok “guaranteed walkout” glitch will ruin your day

David Purcell
fifa 22 walkout with sancho

FIFA 22 TikTok traders and tipsters have surged in popularity since the game was released in October, but this glitch claiming to give FUT players “guaranteed walkouts” might be the worst video you’ll see today. 

There have been lots of different reasons why Ultimate Team players would want to open packs in 2021, from Black Friday’s massive deals to the Team of the Group Stage promo.

With a wide variety of different pack weights for each bundle of random cards you purchase in-game, there’s no exact science to claiming the top-rated cards which appear with board or walkout animations.

Well, one player has claimed to find the secret sauce – in what he describes as a walkout glitch.

FIFA 22 guaranteed walkout glitch: Is it real?

fifa 22 packs
EA Sports
Opening packs can be a rollercoaster for players, with thrills and falls. If this glitch worked, though, all of that would be over.

A TikTok video has been doing the rounds in the FIFA 22 community in early December, posted by user mikewoz_yet.

He starts off the clip by saying he’s discovered a method to guarantee that every time you open a pack, whether it be with FIFA Points or FUT coins, there will be a walkout waiting for you inside. Or, in other words, a top-rated player every time.

Now, if this was to be true, it would literally be game-breaking and stop thousands of players wasting money on packing SBC fodder.

At the end of the video, though, in the famous words of WWE star Hulk Hogan… It comes crashing down and it hurts inside.

As the video reaches its conclusion, it turns out that the whole thing was a hoax!

Users are being hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, and run amok – but that’s TikTok for you.

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