FIFA 22 players beg EA SPORTS for fix as "No Opponent" glitch ruins FUT playlists - Dexerto

FIFA 22 players beg EA SPORTS for fix as “No Opponent” glitch ruins FUT playlists

Published: 30/Nov/2021 4:16

by Isaac McIntyre


FIFA 22 players are begging EA SPORTS to take action as a nasty new “no opponents found” glitch sweeps through Ultimate Team playlists, leaving fans unable to play Division Rivals or FUT Champs with their new Black Friday teams.

The FUT community is up in arms as the weekend’s huge Black Friday promo finally comes to an end, after discovering FIFA’s most popular modes are totally unplayable.

FIFA 22 players trying to queue into Division Rivals matches or their high-stakes FUT Champs games ⁠— armed with their new Black Friday-fuelled teams ⁠— are being left in game queues for hours, before being greeted with “No Opponent Found” error messages that boots them back to the menus.


The glitch originally started popping up on November 29.

Once players begin experiencing the issue, there are a few ways to solve it. Instead, FIFA players have just been logging out and expressing their concerns online.

Glitch error in FIFA 22.
The “No Opponent Found” glitch is popping up more and more in Ultimate Team.

Some fans were insistent that EA SPORTS had “scammed” the FIFA community; the publishers have been selling FUT promo packs and selling cards all weekend for their Black Friday event, but when the gameplay servers have hit a log-jam thanks to a new bug, its “radio silence” from the FIFA bosses.

“It’s happening all the time now, I’ve been able to play like one game in the past two hours,” one disgruntled FIFA fan wrote on EA’s dedicated forums. Others on Reddit confirmed it has become “a huge issue” across North American and European servers.


“It doesn’t make sense… I search, and search, and search, and then I either get the error message, or when I finally match up with someone the timer just expires before they click ready,” another annoyed FIFA 22 player explained.

Dexerto has also heard reports this “No Opponents Found” glitch has spread to other playlists in the title, including Pro Clubs, Friendlies, and Kick Off games.

Joao Cancelo face in FIFA 22 with Manchester City kit
FIFA 22 players have been left endless loading in FUT menus since Black Friday.

EA SPORTS has yet to respond to the “No Opponents Found” glitch, though they have released several Black Friday promo pack lightning rounds and rich SBCs since the issue was reported by players earlier today.


Dexerto is not expecting the FIFA publishers to respond, but if they do comment on the ongoing server problems we’ll be sure to update FUT players immediately.