FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 1 revealed: Ronaldo, Kroos, Suarez, more


FIFA 22’s FUT Birthday promotion is one of the most hyped of the year, and Team 1 has finally been revealed. The leaks weren’t entirely true as names like Cristiano Ronaldo and Toni Kroos get huge upgrades alongside leaked stars like Luis Suarez. Plus, there’s also SBCs and Objectives to complete.

FUT Birthday is one of the most hyped promotions in the FIFA cycle. Celebrating the history of Ultimate Team ⁠— now on its 13th anniversary ⁠— FUT Birthday usually boasts some of the more insane upgrades with five-star weak foot and five-star skill upgrades abound.

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Most of the players chosen are there for a good reason too: to relive some meta beasts in previous FIFAs. It’s a good throwback for long-time FUT players to have some of the best cards of old compete with new stars in FIFA 22.

Team 1 has already been revealed, and Team 2 will be on its way shortly, so get up to date with the FIFA 22 FUT Birthday promotion here.


FIFA 22 FUT Birthday release date

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 1 went live on March 4, with cards being pushed into packs starting at 6PM GMT.

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Players can expect this team to stick around for around a week before the Team 2 selection gets offered on March 11 at 6PM GMT. If you want your hand at getting that magnificent Ronaldo card, you’ll have to crack open the packs.

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 1 revealed

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 1 cardsEA SPORTS
FIFA 22’s FUT Birthday Team 1 is stacked.

The FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 1 has been revealed ⁠— and it’s a bit different from what the leakers were suggesting. First of all, there’s some huge names that were missed: namely Cristiano Ronaldo.

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The Manchester United star got a huge upgrades to 94, now boasting five-star weak foot. However, for those hoping for a five-star skilled keeper, there’s no GKs in this FUT Birthday rotation so keep an eye for Team 2.

You can find the full squad below:

  • Ronaldo ⁠— 94
  • Suarez ⁠— 93
  • Kroos ⁠— 92
  • Allan ⁠— 91
  • Nuno Mendes ⁠— 90
  • Di Lorenzo ⁠— 89
  • Grealish ⁠— 89
  • Bebou ⁠— 88
  • Kamada ⁠— 87
  • Torreira ⁠— 87
  • Doku ⁠— 86

FIFA 22 FUT Birthday Team 2 leaks

FIFA 22’s FUT Birthday Team 1 was leaked early. While some names like Nuno Mendes and Luis Suarez made it into the squad, it missed Kamada and obviously Ronaldo.

As for Team 2, there’s been no leaks yet. However, we’ll keep you updated so you can decide to save your packs and coins for that instead.

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FIFA 22 FUT Birthday SBC & Objective cards

FUT Birthday isn’t just in packs, with SBCs, Swaps, and Objective cards also on offer. Don’t have the cash to splash on packs? You can get these guys for free (or for fodder, in the case of SBCs).

  • Tammy Abraham ⁠— Objectives
  • Henrikh Mkhitaryan ⁠— SBC

Be sure to check back as EA SPORTS launches more SBC and Objective cards for the FIFA 22 FUT Birthday promotion.