FIFA 22 Career Mode not saving? How to fix ‘personal settings 1’ error

David Purcell
fifa 22 personal settings glitch

There is a frustrating FIFA 22 Career Mode glitch that stops players from saving their progress, claiming their ‘personal settings 1 failed to load’ – but thankfully, it won’t corrupt your save completely if you know what to do. 

Once you have played through a few seasons in the popular single-player game mode, it would be a nightmare to see all of your signings, custom tactics, and progress go to waste.

However, there is an error code in FIFA 22 that will certainly frighten you at first glance, as it says “personal settings 1 failed to load’ and basic functions start to fail.

FIFA 22 Career Mode save options

In Career Mode, there are a few ways to save:

  • Manual Save: Press X, click the original file, and save progress
  • Autosave: Automatic save of your progress, creating a backup file
  • Create a Second Save File: Press X, click a new file, and name it something else to create a backup

Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s down to the individual player to choose the one they wish to use. Ultimately, having numerous files will only complicate things, but it will be useful if an error code ever appears on-screen.

FIFA 22 Manager Rating Player Career Mode
This FIFA 22 save data glitch can put all of your hard work to waste.

How to fix ‘personal settings 1’ error in FIFA 22 Career Mode

The personal settings 1 error usually occurs after a controller has been disconnected, the internet has gone down, or EA servers drop and your account is disconnected. This is the first thing you need to fix. 

What this does is prevent your game from saving progress at that particular point, meaning the last time it autosaved is where you will be able to access it when it reconnects. At the point where you first see this error, be sure to create a second save file with a different name for your Career – this is very important. This will mean that a future error will only impact one save, and not your new one.

Essentially, this is the process you need to follow:

  1. Load up FIFA 22 Career Mode.
  2. Hit X to save, and click ‘Create new Career’ to make a new save file.
  3. Enter any name for the Career Mode, and hit save.
  4. Use this new file as your main Career Mode now, leaving behind the autosaved and original files.

After doing this, each time you continue to save your Career Mode you’re going to need to use the new file and leave the other behind. In the case that your saves just will not load, turn your console off immediately and restart the game. 

The downside to the ‘personal settings 1’ error, unfortunately, is that if you ignore it and continue to play games, that progress is very unlikely to be saved. What this can lead to is months of games played, or simulated, won trophies, and more going to waste as a result.

The sooner you take action to create a new file and reconnect your internet/controller with the profile on which the Career is saved, the better.

If you need any further assistance with this process, do reach out to us on Twitter @DexertoFC – or contact @EAHelp.