FIFA Ultimate Team quiz: 10 questions on the history of FUT

David Purcell
FIFA Ultimate Team history

EA SPORTS has enjoyed tremendous success with FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, but the current version of the game mode is very different to how FUT Founders found it all those years ago. 

It first started up back in 2009 and around that time, there was a craze for all things card collecting. Football fans, or the younger audience at least, had grown up collecting football stickers, Shootouts, Match Attax, and other card-based games.

Naturally, EA took that concept – one adored by its community – and transformed it into a fully-fledged game mode. It’s now by far the biggest revenue stream they have, raking in 40% more in 2020 from it compared to 2019, according to their own sales figures.

With opening packs still creating a buzz today as they did over a decade ago, let’s test your knowledge on FUT. From nostalgia to the modern-day, our quiz has got it all…

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In 2021, FIFA 21 has expanded its capabilities massively. EA works on each of its game modes to make improvements each year, with decisions sometimes adored by the fanbase and – let’s be frank – leave a sour taste in the mouths of others.

Ultimate Team has evolved over time. ICONS used to go by another name, Legends, and were Xbox exclusive at one point.

There’s Pro Clubs, VOLTA Football, Career Mode, and a number of other modes for the community to enjoy. While they might not all get the attention their respective player bases deserve in annual updates, one thing is for certain: Ultimate Team is still thriving.

FUT attracts the biggest Twitch and YouTube creators. It draws the biggest audiences. The esports side of FIFA is built around it. And if you’ve been on the same ride we have in seeing how it’s evolved over the years, you should be well equipped to add another win to your record with this quiz. Good luck!

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