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FIFA 21 SBC bug fix sends out free 500k packs to the wrong people

Published: 16/Mar/2021 16:20

by Jacob Hale


EA SPORTS have accidentally given FIFA 21 players free Ultimate Team rewards after attempting to fix a bug with an SBC.

In recent SBCs, including Mid and/or Prime ICON Upgrades, some players have been reporting that they weren’t getting the group rewards expected.

This is something that has happened here and there throughout the years on FIFA but is often fixed by EA SPORTS and players get the rewards they were working for.

Now, though, EA appears to have actually over-fixed the bug, and are giving unaffected players rewards that they never earned.

FIFA 21 mid or prime icon upgrade sbc
The ICON Upgrade SBC offers huge rewards — even to players not doing the SBC, apparently.

While the ICON SBCs weren’t the only ones affected — some players are reporting it with a variety of SBCs — they’re definitely some big rewards to not be earning.


EA are clearly aware of that and worked quickly to resolve the situation, but appear to have gone overboard.

On March 16, they tweeted that “when providing those [affected] players with the missing rewards, we also incorrectly provided some non-impacted players with additional content.” They even confirmed that players will be able to keep the additional content they were given.

Of course, it’s not possible to know exactly what rewards people were given, but some players are reporting a variety of gifts.

Liamy1993 even told popular FIFA YouTuber Nepenthez that he received 3 Mid ICON packs and 7 ultimates — which is genuinely insane if true.


There definitely seems to be a mixed bag, and the response has been overwhelmingly negative from FIFA 21 players. Many say that it’s unfair some players get random rewards while others don’t, but it seems EA SPORTS have made up their minds on the right decision going forward.

So, if you haven’t logged into FIFA for a couple of days, you might want to go and load it up — you might have some rewards waiting.