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FIFA 21 players vote for biggest change they want in next-gen updates

Published: 5/Dec/2020 17:27

by Connor Bennett


FIFA players have voiced their opinions on what they want big change they want to come to FIFA 21 next with defending topping the bill. 

Before the launch of each new FIFA title, fans of EA SPORTS’ iconic franchise are hopeful that the game will not only be better than the previous one, but also right the wrongs that the previous year might have set.

Recently, we’ve seen plenty of issues around balancing the game when it comes to pace, defending, crossing, and even strength. While EA might have tweaked and reworked some of these features for FIFA 21, problems still remain.


The devs have, though, been pumping out updates to try and get things straightened out. However, according to plenty of FIFA players, they haven’t been able to do so just yet. And when it comes to what they might tweak next, some fans have got a clear answer. 

A whole host of changes have been made to FIFA, especially when it comes to defending but players want more.

Among 6200 respondents, defending topped a UltimateTeamUK poll regarding the biggest thing FIFA players want to be changed in updates for the next-gen version of FIFA 21.

If you haven’t upgraded to next-gen already, the updated version of FIFA does have some nice changes – especially when it comes to presentation – but there isn’t all that much difference in the way of gameplay.


Defenders blocking shots, small forwards winning headers, and annoying wayward passes are still prevalent, but it is defending that players want to be changed most. Though, players still want changes everywhere. 

While tweaks will still come throughout the year, it’s unlikely that there is a significant overhaul on any feature moving forward.

After all, the game is still using the classic Frostbite engine and while nothing has been confirmed, FIFA 22 will probably have a new engine and ring in the first set of major changes for the next-gen consoles.