FIFA 20 Summer Heat: How to complete David Luiz SBC

Joe Craven
David Luiz Summer Heat on FIFA 20 Background

FIFA 20’s latest Summer Heat squad building challenge focuses on David Luiz, who, despite having a mediocre season for Arsenal, has found himself on the receiving end of a seriously generous upgrade. 

David Luiz Summer Heat Stats

First off, we’ll take a look at the stats for David Luiz’ Summer Heat card. It’s one of the most generous upgrades we’ve seen, pushing his OVR from 83 to 94. His pace, likewise, has gone from 61 to 89, while his defending and physical have received similar incredible boosts.

His lowest stat is his shooting at 80 which, for a centre-back, is fairly irrelevant. It’s one of the best all round CB cards we’ve ever seen, and one of the best options in the Premier League. A full breakdown of his stats is available below:

David Luiz stats in FUTBIN

David Luiz Summer Heat SBC Requirements, Cost & Solutions

Unfortunately, the cost and requirements of the David Luiz SBC match how good his card is. The total cost of the SBC’s five squads comes in at between 640,000 and 675,000 coins, depending on your platform.

The first squad, which we won’t even bother offering a solution for, is a mixed squad, which needs 11 players and 5 chemistry. Throw any combination of cards together and send them into the oblivion.

The second squad is an Arsenal squad. It needs one Arsenal player, a minimum OVR of 82 and minimum chemistry of 75. This squad currently costs anywhere between 34,000 and 40,000 coins, depending on platform. Below, thanks to FUTBIN, is one of the cheapest solutions.

Arsenal SBC in FUTBIN

The third squad is a Brazil outfit, that needs one player from Brazil, minimum OVR of 84, and team chemistry of 75. This squad costs between 87,000 and 100,000 coins depending on your platform.

David Luiz Brazil SBC in FUTBIN

The penultimate squad is a PL outfit, that needs one player from the Premier League, minimum OVR of 88, and team chemistry of 55. This squad costs between 268,000 and 300,000 coins depending on your platform.


The final squad is another 88-rated XI, that needs team chemistry of 50. This squad costs between 260,000 and 280,000 coins depending on your platform.

88 OVR Squad in FUTBIN

Those are the five squads you need to complete to unlock the David Luiz Summer Heat upgrade. It’s a tall order, particularly this late into the game, to put together 5 squads at a cost of 700,000 coins.

If you’ve got the coins or the players, then it’s probably worth it because the David Luiz card is phenomenal. If you’d have to sell half your club at this late stage of FIFA 20 though, you’re probably better off leaving it.

The choice is yours, however, and you’ve got an unlimited amount of time to make it because this SBC has no expiry date.