FIFA 20 Summer Heat: How to complete Clement Lenglet SBC

Connor Bennett

FC Barcelona’s Clement Lenglet is the newest recipient of a Summer Heat card in FIFA 20 after winning the La Liga vote. Here’s what you need to know about getting your hands on the French defender. 

The Summer Heat promo has already given way to a number of highly-rated cards in FIFA 20 and FC Barcelona’s Clement Lenglet has now joined them after beating Joao Felix and Christian Tello in the La Liga vote.

The 25-year-old French defender has seen his usual 85 overall card boosted all the way to 93 with some ridiculous pace and defensive stats. 

If you want to get your hands on him, you will have to cheap his Summer Heat SBC and let’s be honest, it isn’t cheap at all. However, we’ve got a few solutions that might help your FUT Coin balance. 

Screenshot of Clement Lenglet's Summer Heat stats
A full look at Lenglet’s boosted in-game stats.

Clement Lenglet SBC requirements and cost

Given the fact that Lenglet has got such a highly rated card, EA won’t just give the card away by building two or three squads in his SBC. 

Instead, the FIFA developers have set players the challenge of building five squads. Yes, five squads. They pretty much cover all of the defender’s bases – you need a French-centric team, a Barcelona themed team, and a La Liga squad.

Though, you can breathe a little easy given that one of these requirements is a Mixed Squad that only requires five chemistry. You can check out the rest of the requirements below. 

  • Barcelona: Min. 1 player from Barcelona, Min. 82 squad rating, Min. 80 Team Chemistry.
  • France: Min. 1 player from France, Min. 84 squad rating, Min. 75 Team Chemistry.
  • La Liga: Min. 1 player from La Liga, Min. 86 squad rating, Min. 70 Team Chemistry.
  • 86-rated Squad: Min. 86 squad rating, Min. 65 Team Chemistry.
  • Mixed Squad: Min. 5 chemistry, 11 players in the squad.

Clement Lenglet SBC cheap solutions

If the thought of building five high-rated squads hasn’t put you off completing the SBC, then you will recognize the fact that you’ll need a decent amount of FUT Coins to complete it.

According to FUTBin’s calculations, the SBC will set you back around 475,000 coins on Xbox, 478,000 coins on PlayStation, and an eye-watering 530,000 coins for Origin on PC. 

Though, we’ve got a few solutions that might save you some coins. Kicking off with the Mixed Squad, this squad is so easy to complete, just use 11 untradable bronze players and you’ll be on your way. 

Solution for Lenglet’s Barca squad.
A cheap solution for Lenglet’s France squad.
Solution for Lenglet’s La Liga squad.
Solution for Lenglet’s 86-rated squad.

Now, there isn’t a set time limit for the squad building challenge but as more and more players complete it, the cards you require could start to get a little more expensive.

If you manage to get your hand on the upgraded Lenglet card, be sure to let us know how he gets on in games by Tweeting us @UltimateTeamUK.