FIFA 19 Title Update 8 Patch Notes (Version 1.09)

FIFA 19 title update 8 (version 1.09) is now available on PC, with console to follow next week. The following changes are mainly focused on improving accessibility to the game and visual updates. Check out the full FIFA 19 title update 8 patch notes below.

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The accessibility aspect of this latest update now offers a new setting in order to aid colour blind players. Once this update becomes available, users will be offered a choice between three new colour settings under a new accessibility icon at the bottom left of the FIFA 19 menu screen.

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Once one of these new colour options has been selected, it will apply to all screens within the game. Accessibility updates also provide changes to the indicator above the selected player’s head during a game. The player indicator can now be made bigger in order to clearly indicate which player has been selected.

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Visual and presentation updates include over 200 new 2D portraits (new faces) to players who previously did not have one. Over 700 players who previously had portraits have now had their original images updated. These new visual changes also include updates to a number of team kits, crests and banners.

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Visual changes are important, as they can often bring a sense of realism to the game. Although subtle and nothing major, these latest FIFA 19 title update 8 (version 1.09) changes should universally improve each user’s experience of the game. Although no gameplay changes have been implemented, below are all the details that you can expect to see coming to PS4 & Xbox One soon…

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FIFA 19 Title Update 8 Patch Notes

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Made the following changes:

  • The Accessibility settings can now be accessed from the FIFA Main Menu by selecting the new Accessibility icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Added a new Colour Blindness setting.
  • There are three options that will make changes to all screens in the game.
  • Protanopia (Red Weak)
  • Deuteranopia (Green Weak)
  • Tritanopia (Blue Weak)
  • If the setting is set to Default, it will have no impact on the game.
  • Added a new Player Indicator Size setting.
  • Enabling this setting will cause the player’s overhead indicator, to show which player they are controlling in gameplay, to be larger.
  • In an Online Match, only the indicator for your controlled player will be larger.

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Made the following changes:

  • Added 2D portraits to over 200 players that previously did not have a portrait.
  • Updated 2D portraits on over 700 players.
  • Updates to a number of team kits, crests and banners.

Addressed the following issues:

  • The crests of some teams were not displaying correctly in the La Liga broadcast package.

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Are the EA SPORTS FIFA team heading further in the right direction with this latest FIFA update patch? Get in touch with us via Twitter and let us know if you’re a fan of this latest FIFA 19 title update 8 (version 1.09).

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