EA SPORTS give update on bugged gold players in FIFA 20

Connor Bennett
FIFA 20 pack on a stadium backdrop

[jwplayer CIjKnlLy]EA SPORTS have released another update on the recent bugged players issue that has been affecting FIFA Ultimate Team fans – revealing that they’ve managed to fix a few things.

For the most part, FIFA Ulitmate Team be it in FIFA 20 or years gone by, does run pretty smoothly. Yes, there have been regular complaints about servers but EA has been trying to rectify things by adding new server locations and making tweaks to matchmaking in title updates.

However, in recent weeks, players have been left frustrated by an issue that has seen them only pack the gold version of a player when they were supposed to get a special card of some sort.

EA has worked through part of this issue, noting that they’ve fixed a few cards and handed them out. Now, though, they’ve also got a new update as well.

Some players have not received their TOTW Moments cards.

The update came from the FIFA Direct Communications account on July 24, as they revealed that some players who have been affected by the issue have now got things straightened out but more cards are coming.

“A portion of the affected players have been messaged in-game and have now been granted the correct Player Items. The items can be claimed through the FUT main menu,” they tweeted, noting that an additional update will also follow suit. 

Plenty of FUT fans flooded the replies to point out that they’ve received cards in-game. However, others who got an email saying they’d had their problems fixed, revealed that they’re still waiting. 

Obviously, it’s clear that the FIFA developers have still got a ways to go in getting the problem fixed. Yet, the update should reassure some players that they’ll be getting their cards sooner rather than later.

When that will be exactly, remains to be seen, but keep an eye on the UltimateTeamUK Twitter account for any breaking news and updates.