Another FIFA 21 Squad Battles glitch discovered for ICON Swaps

. 1 year ago

EA SPORTS have tried to stamp out FIFA 21 Squad Battles glitches and exploits in the past, though it appears the community have found another way to get free wins during the ICON Swaps 3 promo. 

Players grind through Squad Battles every week, on the hunt of rewards which can be collected every seven days. These prizes will be good or bad, depending on the games played and performances.

Though, what makes Squad Battle glitches so popular is that scoring just one goal in-game and putting your pad down can actually seal you easy victories.

In the past, fans have found a number of ways to stop the AI from pressing the ball in the single-player game mode within Ultimate Team. After those were patched, a new one has emerged and people are using it already.

New Squad Battles glitch found

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps 3 Schweinsteiger
The exploit was revealed right after ICON Swaps went live in Ultimate Team. 

On May 11, DutchLionFUT posted a video about how it works in FIFA 21.

Just like previous exploits, all players need to do is follow a few simple steps to get it working.

  1. Walk the player into the opposition box.
  2. Keep holding L2/LT.
  3. Leave the box with your back to goal.
  4. Hold L2/LT, and then release it.

The game’s developers have moved swiftly in the past to make sure these FIFA 21 Squad Battles exploits don’t have the desired effect in-game.

However, without the rollout of a quick patch, its existence does mean easy wins will be given out across the board – even on higher difficulties.

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