Starfield gameplay: All trailers, screenshots & features released so far

Eleni Thomas
starfield trailer

The much anticipated upcoming Bethesda title Starfield was finally given a big update at the recent Xbox and Bethesda 2022 showcase, with gameplay footage, trailers, and more images now circulating about the game than ever before.

If you were excited about No Man’s Sky on release, Starfield should be right up your alley.

First announced way back in 2018, Starfield is a brand new IP from Bethesda, a game studio known for its worldbuilding and expansive gaming experiences such as the Fallout series and The Elder Scrolls franchise.

While it was originally given a November 2022 release date, it has since been pushed back to early 2023. However, players have been given glimpses at early gameplay through trailers, screenshots, and features. Here’s what we know so far.

Starfield trailers

Prior to July 2022’s Xbox and Bethesda showcase, not much footage had really been shown about Starfield. There was an initial announcement trailer in 2018 that only really gave away the title, and a small teaser trailer in 2021 again didn’t reveal much else.

However, the latest showcase made up for the lack of updates in a big way. Gamers were treated to an extensive fifteen minutes of footage that showed off some impressive gameplay as well as giving gamers some insight into the plot of the game.

The footage opens with some space exploration, taking place on Anselon’s moon Kreet. The gameplay shows off some impressive and immersive visuals. While Kreet itself appears to be quite a barren and desolate area to explore, gameplay footage later on shows off more vibrant and interactive areas to explore.

The opening moments of the story trailer is a cinematic of the player’s ship arriving into the Capital City of New Atlantis. A voiceover from an unnamed character explains the existence of a series of artifacts in the galaxy that appear to have some level of power and secrets to uncover.

This character appears to belong to a group called the Constellation, the last group of space explorers. From there, the trailer cuts to different moments and conversations, giving gamers a taste of the larger world to discover and the different factions that exist within it.

Starfield screenshots

The screenshots for Starfield show off an impressive variety in the types of planets and areas you’ll be able to explore.

Between deserts, jungles, and even cyberpunk-looking cities, it seems as though developer Bethesda is going all in to make this galaxy as expansive and diverse as possible.

starfield protagonist silent character creation
You can customize your protagonist in a number of ways in Starfield.
starfield moon outpost
Even the most barren planets can be inhabited in Starfield.
starfield alien lifeform
Starfield is filled with alien life inhabiting over 1,000 planets across 100 different systems.
starfield weapon on a table
Players will have access to a number of different weapons, both melee and ranged.

Starfield features

From what has been seen so far, Starfield seems to include all the classic features of a Bethesda game with added sci-fi elements and space exploration, something new and fresh from the developers.

Customization has always been a strong suit for Bethesda and it appears as though they won’t be holding back when it comes to Starfield. Of course, gamers will be able to fully customize their character’s look but also their background skills and traits.

starfield ranking skill systemYou can customize nearly everything about your character in Starfield.

There will also be a skill level up system that will be broken down into particular categories. These categories are physical, social, combat, science and tech abilities.

Players will also be able to build and establish outposts, the layout and location of these safe houses completely up to each individual player. Characters met during adventures can also be hired to work at these locations to help maintain them.

starfield outpost base building
Outposts are homes away from home in Starfield.

Arguably the most exciting feature that has been revealed is that players will have the ability to create their own unique spaceship essentially from scratch. From the ship’s design to its crew, gamers will be able to fully deck out their ship how they please.