When is Fall Guys coming to Switch, Xbox? Crossplay officially confirmed

Tanner Pierce
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Players on PlayStation 4 and PC have been enjoying the obstacle course battle royale game Fall Guys since early August 2020, but now it’s finally moving over to Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

While Fall Guys was once the talk of the town, hype for the game has certainly died down in recent months. That being said, it still has a dedicated fan-base behind it that follows the game with every single new season and wants it to grow and expand as much as possible.

Despite all the loyal players, the battle royale is currently locked on two platforms – PS4 and PC – with very little talk coming previously about the game’s port to other consoles. That is, however, until now, as it’s finally been confirmed for Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

fall guys
While PS4 and PC players have been enjoying Fall Guys since launch, the game isn’t available yet on Xbox One, Switch, or mobile.

Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch and Xbox delayed

An Feb 17, developer Mediatonic announced that the game was finally going to be making the jump to other platforms, coming to both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox in the near future.

While the game was originally slated to release on both consoles sometime in the Summer of 2021, Mediatonic has since confirmed that the launch on both consoles will be delayed to an unspecified time in the near future. Given the fact that there’s no new release date or release window, fans will have to hold out a bit longer.

Fall Guys Nintendo Switch announcement trailer

Fall Guys crossplay support officially confirmed

Beyond the release on other platforms, developer Mediatonic have revealed that crossplay will be coming to the game when it launches on other platforms, which is part of the reason why it’s chosen to delay the game.

While technically not confirmed which platforms will support it, this means that fans will be able to play with others on another system, which is something they’ve been hoping for ever since its launch on PS4 and PC in 2020.

Here’s hoping that it doesn’t take too much longer for Xbox and Switch fans to get their hands on the game but considering there’s no date or window, it might be a long time.

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