How to get free Fall Guys Crowns with Twitch Prime Gaming

Tanner Pierce

After previously making exclusive items available to Prime members in the past, Amazon has announced a brand new MVP Bundle exclusively for Prime Gaming members during the month of February – and the best part is that it includes free Crowns.

Fall Guys Crowns have changed quite a bit since the game’s launch. Not in terms of how they act, but in terms of how they’re distributed. Previously, you could only get them either if you won a match or by leveling up the Battle Pass, but even then, you could only get three.

After some backlash from the community, hey are much more widely distributed within the Pass, granting players one every few levels, in order to allow lower-skilled fans who might not be winning a chance to pick up some cool skins in the Item Shop just like everyone else.

Prime Gaming subscribers are able to get exclusive bundles and content for Fall Guys.

Now, it seems like they are opening up another avenue for players to get Crowns thanks to Prime Gaming. A new MVP bundle is now available for members of the service and it includes two items: an MVP costume for your character and three free Crowns.

While the costume itself is interesting, even though it just seems to be a variant one of the previously released costumes, the main draw here is the Crowns. Generally, one part of a premium crossover is worth five of them, so this will get you the majority of the way there.

How to claim your Fall Guys MVP Bundle

The Fall Guys MVP bundle includes a costume, as well as 3 free crowns.

Claiming your MVP Bundle is exactly the same as other Twitch Prime bundles and offers in the past so the process is relatively simple and really only requires that you follow some directions. That being said, if you need a breakdown, we’ve included a simple one below:

  1. Visit the Fall Guys Prime Gaming website
  2. Scroll down the MVP Bundle and click “Claim Now”
  3. Log-in to your account
  4. The bundle and your free Crowns should be available the next time you log-in to the game.

All in all, it’s pretty cool that players are able to get free Crowns for their account simply by using Amazon Prime. Here’s hoping that the developers allow for more ways to get them in the near future – hopefully in more free bundles.

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