Team Castro wins $50,000 Fall Guys Twitch Rivals: Final placements

Mediatonic / Twitch

Fall Guys has taken the gaming industry by storm and with the first major competitive event coming to a close, FIFA streamer Castro has claimed the bragging rights. Here’s what went down. 

From the world’s biggest streamers to some of the most popular sporting teams, Fall Guys has captivated the masses since its release on August 4. The charming battle royale provides some bite-sized fun that players of all skill levels can enjoy. But just how competitive can things get?

Well, the first major tournament has come in the form of Twitch Rivals – pitting 80 of Twitch’s top creators against each in a bid to see who could win the most crowns. 

With $50,000 on the line, it was by far the biggest Fall Guys tournament to date. So, here’s everything you need to know about what happened.  

Fall Guys characters running across a levelMediatonic
Fall Guys has swept across the Gaming world like a wildfire.

Fall Guys August 28 Twitch Rivals results

The first iteration of ‘Fall Guys Fridays’ kicked off on August 28 with close to 1,000,000 viewers piling into their favorite streamers channel and getting behind them with some chat spam support. 

While there may have been some gaming gods like Shroud, xQc, Summit1g, Lirik, and Tfue taking part, the bragging rights for the first Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event went to Castro_1021, Bateson87, Tubasuki, and Smash690. Playing under the Team Castro banner, the FIFA streamer’s team was in the mix at the top of the charts for a majority of the event – avoiding the cuts with ease.

In the end, Castro’s side ended up with 425 points and the $7,000 top prize, while TeamClintStevens followed behind in second – claiming $4,000. Team GrandPooBear, Team Ludwig, and Team DrLupo rounded out the top five.

Final standings from Fall Guys August 28 Twitch Rivals eventTwitter: TwitchRivals
The Top 10 from the final rounds of Twitch Rivals on August 28.

This event had been labeled as ‘Week 1’ for NA in the official schedule and European streamers will get their chance on September 4 in the same format – 80 streamers, teams of four, with a $50,000 prize pool.

It remains to be seen as to who will rise up and take success on the other side of the Atlantic, but when the focus switches back to NA at some point, who knows if Castro and the boys will be able to defend their crown.