Twitch claims Valorant caster is underage even though she was hired for Twitch Rivals

Michael Gwilliam
aevilcat casting

Twitch streamer and Valorant esports caster Mimi ‘aEvilcat’ Wermcrantz was shocked to see she had to confirm she wasn’t underage to apply for the partnership program despite working TwitchRivals.

For many streamers, being approved for a Twitch partnership is a big step up in their career, as it earns them more money through ads, better support and other benefits.

While some streamers have struggled to be approved to partner – with one just recently being rejected 23 times in a row – you’d think a caster who worked Twitch Rivals and even Valorant Champions 2022 would have no issues.

Well, imagine aEvilcat’s surprise when she was told she had to verify her age, and that the Amazon-owned platform believed she was younger than 13.

Valorant caster forced to confirm age on Twitch

In a post on Twitter, aEvilcat uploaded a screenshot from Twitch asking her to confirm that she was over 13 and she’d need to fill out a form to continue her partnership application.

“Guys I’m 12 they finally found me out,” the 20-year-old joked.

Attempting to circumvent the required form approval, the caster cited her work on Twitch Rivals adding, “If I’m 12 then ya’ll hiring me to cast Twitch Rivals that one time is a flagrant child labor violation.”

It’s not clear if her time on Twitch Rivals will actually help speed the process along, but it definitely makes the whole situation a bit weirder.

In any case, hopefully she won’t have long to wait and her application can be approved sooner rather than later so she can get all the advantages that come with being a Twitch partner.

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