Smash Bros. coach parts ways with Tempo Storm amid sexual assault allegations

. 3 years ago

Global esports powerhouse Tempo Storm announced the recent departure of Super Smash Bros. Coach Daniel ‘Pierce7d’ Seraphin as allegations have surfaced involving a string of sexual harassment/assault accusations.

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Although Tempo Storm didn’t specify the reason for his departure, Pierce7d maintains that it was his choice to leave the organization.

Through series of Twitter threads, numerous claims have been made against Pierce7d that follow a similar pattern of behavior toward those he’s been in contact with, the most prominent coming from photographer and content creator Kat aka ‘Princess Hyrule.’

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In light of accusations, Tempo Storm’s only signed Smash Ultimate player Gonzalo ‘ZeRo’ Barrios released a public statement of his own, condemning the actions of Pierce.

“I don’t stand for Pierce’s behavior or his actions at all. I worked with Pierce for a long time and thought I knew him, but only after signing was done did people close to me make me aware of the extent of his past actions, and I honestly felt disgusted,” ZeRo said.

ZeRo also revealed that the he and the organization worked to find the quickest way of dropping the Super Smash coach after the accounts had come to light.

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Even after departing from Tempo Storm, Pierce7d was looking forward to the upcoming Genesis 6 on February 1 to be his last major event, but has since been banned from attending.

“FYI for concerned attendees, Pierce will not be attending Genesis 6,” the tournament’s official Twitter announced.

Many in the Smash community are actively voicing their disdain and outright reproach against the former Coach.

Pierce is currently replying to anyone who is seeking further details on the matter. Pierce will look to continue his Smash career by making instructional videos on the game.

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