Sjokz shuts down trolls saying she “only made it” because she’s a woman

Daniel Cleary
Sjokz in LEC studio
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Popular League of Legends host Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere has clapped back at trolls who claim that she “only made it” because she’s a woman, after winning multiple Esports Host of the Year awards in 2020.

With shows such as The Game Awards, some of the biggest stars in gaming and esports are highlighted each year, for their outstanding efforts in becoming the best at their roles.

Each year, the decisions made around these awards tend to spark debates amongst the gaming community, particularly for the likes of the Game of the Year award and more.

Sjokz, yamato and xerxe on LEC desk
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Sjokz has hosted the LEC season and the English broadcast for Worlds in 2020.

One 2020 award winner was Sjokz, for her work as a host throughout the 2020 LEC season and for the League of Legends World Championship, but she was, somewhat predictably, targetted by trolls after it was announced that she had won.

The LEC host shut down some of the bizarre claims against her after some viewers suggested that she was only successful because she was a woman, setting the record straight during one of her December 11 Twitch broadcast.

“There’s always people that say “you only made it because you’re a woman,” she explained. “The fact is, it’s just not true. I’m awesome, I work my ass off and it’s sometimes very, very difficult.”




The popular LoL personality continued on, highlighting some of her achievements throughout her time in the esports industry.

“I speak five languages, I have two master’s degrees. I have built this career as a pioneer in this industry for the last ten years. I deserve it, I really do.”

“So often I am afraid to say anything because I’m afraid of the backlash and all that,” she added. “And so many of my female colleagues have the same thing, and its f***ing bulls**t!”

While there were a few who were attempting to troll Sjokz, the overall response towards the LEC broadcast host was quite positive, with many sharing their support and kind words.