Sentinels CEO disputes ShahZaM’s claim of being “left in the dark” over Valorant roster

ShahZaM and Sentinels teammates on Valorant VCT stageRiot Games

Sentinels star player Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan claimed that he learned he was dropped from the organization’s Valorant team live on stream, but the CEO of the team has a different account of the situation.

After news broke on October 5 that Sentinels IGL ShahZaM was set to be replaced by his former Complexity CS:GO teammate Dephh, a clip emerged of the star player reacting to the info live on his stream.

He initially claimed that “I just found out with you” when speaking to his audience, Sentinels lead man Rob Moore has now clarified that the situation wasn’t so cut-and-dry, and that Khan knew beforehand that his place on the team wasn’t exactly solidified ahead of his expiring contract.

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Sentinels CEO explains “unfortunate timing” of roster leak and ShahZaM being dropped

Moore started off by saying that he and the team’s leader of three years spoke back on September 21 about how the team’s roster was still up in the air ahead of franchising.

“I want to clarify the situation with ShahZaM. On 9/21 I reminded him he did not have a contract for next season, we were most likely bringing in new coaches, they would decide the new roster and he was free to contact other teams,” he explained.

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He further went on to say that Khan did talk with the new coaches and that no offer was extended. While the team was in the process of securing new members, it was simply the fault of an untimely leak that things worked out in the the manner they did.

When referring to the information going public, Moore simply said “that was not an announcement from the team, the timing was unfortunate but certainly not a surprise.”

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ShahZam himself acknowledged that he and Moore were now talking about the situation privately and that “the timing of the leak, along with being in the dark, created the emotional response you saw on stream.”

While he won’t be donning the red-and-black of SEN next season, the multi-game pro is already looking to find a new team to compete for as the world of Valorant esports prepares for a massive change.

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