PUBG PCS4 Americas Grand Final: Players to Watch Week 3

PCS4 americasPUBG

PUBG PCS4 Americas Grand Final will conclude this week as one team is crowned Champion. Valuable PGC Points will accompany the first-place prize money earned this week.

Week 3 of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final is shaping up to be the most exciting series yet. Twelve matches remain and sixteen teams are preparing to close out PCS4 with their best performance yet.

The standings are topped by the region’s most consistent team, the Soniqs.

The Soniqs’ play throughout the Grand Final has reinforced their reputation as the Americas strongest team. It’s also reintroduced the thought that perhaps the best squad throughout PUBG Esports is playing in North America.

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Heading into the final week, there is only one team that is mathematically within range of surpassing the Soniqs to claim first-place. So, this week could potentially end up feeling like one big victory lap for the PCS4 Champions.

While we can be fairly certain about the series’ champs, numerous positions with additional prize money and PGC Points are still on the table.

1. Roth (Spacestation Gaming)

Spacestation Gaming was one of the more consistent teams last week but fell short a couple of times. Collecting the second-highest number of kills with 66 over twelve matches, SSG was in an excellent position to add to their PCS4 earnings.

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Despite their strong showing, the lack of at least one Chicken Dinner kept SSG from claiming any prizes in Week 2.

At the helm for Spacestation Gaming is ‘Roth’, the team’s in-game leader. Considering his role with the team, his individual performance and decision-making will directly affect the team’s success overall. As we head into the third and final week of play, SSG will need to trust into their IGL’s shotcalling and lean into their preparation.

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2. M1ME (Soniqs)

It can be easy to overlook the unbelievable players fighting alongside TGLTN each week. Individually, each of these players could help carry a team to this stage of a major event. Luckily for them, all four are devoted to accomplishing their goals as a team. Not to mention, there are very few teams who have accomplished what these four players have.

Last week, M1ME showed off his close-quarter-combat in the opening match. The Soniqs ultimately claimed Match 1 of Week 2 and would go on to claim the final match of the week too.

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M1ME is an invaluable piece to the Soniqs’ roster and his play during Week 3 will be working the prize of admission. If you don’t believe me, just check their results when he sat out the last event.

3. aLOW (TSM)

After a challenging start to the series in Week 1, the team arrived in form last week and claimed top-three. TSM’s efforts appeared similar from week to week, but now their results were trending in the right direction.

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The format change has affected every team in different ways, and it seems TSM is no different. They’ve continued to play their game, but the results hadn’t materialized until last week. Maybe it was the Group Stage curse after all?

aLOW lands on our Players to Watch following his 10 kills and 13 sssists over 12 matches last week.

We’ve already been treated to some incredible highlights from him this year, and Week 3 of the Grand Final could produce more.

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