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OpTic Gaming Reveal Brand New “OpTic House’ and ‘Church of Content’ for Esports and Content Creation Teams

Published: 14/Aug/2018 22:44 Updated: 14/Aug/2018 22:48

by Albert Petrosyan


OpTic Gaming have announced two new locations that will be the home of their esports and content creation teams.

The organization will once again have an “OpTic House” where members of their esports teams will live and practice, and the brand new ‘Church of Content,’ a space for their content creators to do what they do best.


OpTic owner and CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez introduced the 2018 version of the OpTic House live on August 14 on ‘Vision.’ 

The two-story home, which is based in Dallas, TX, features practice areas for a variety of their esports teams, including PUBG, CS:GO, and Gears of War.


The house will also feature a “chill room,” where players can go to relax and wind down after a hard and long day of work.

This new OpTic House will be the first one the org has spent time in since leaving the SCUF House in Chicago and moving down to Texas in 2017.

When speaking about the house, H3CZ described the effect it has in terms of bringing together the many members of OpTic.


In addition to the OpTic House, the ‘Church of Content’ was also given its grand reveal, turning out to be a large, warehouse-type building that will give the org’s numerous content creators the space and resources they need to produce premium content.

The highlight of this new space is the podcast area, which features fan-created OpTic art posted up on the walls.


Overwatch League reportedly proposing major 2021 format changes to teams

Published: 14/Oct/2020 19:00

by Michael Gwilliam


A new report is claiming that the Overwatch League is proposing some massive changes to the 2021 season that would once again split teams into two regions and even add Contenders teams to tournaments in Asia.

According to sources who spoke with GGRecon, the league is considering moving the beginning of season 4 to April and would run until September.


The new changes would see the five Asian teams remain in their region, with New York and London returning to the West. However, to compensate, three teams from Contenders in Asia would be joining to participate in tournaments.

Sources allegedly told GGRecon that the three Contenders teams in the tournaments would be made up of one from Korea, one from China, and one wild card team.

Seoul Dynasty play online
Blizzard Entertainment
OWL teams traveled to Korea for Grand Finals weekend.

During Season 3, the league deviated from its traditional sports-inspired season format with the onset of the global health crisis and introduced monthly tournaments.

GGRecon reports that there would be three region-specific tournaments once again, with the exception of a mid-season tournament which would feature teams from both regions.

Additionally, and predictably, the season’s overall playoffs would also feature teams from both.

JJOnak speaks with Goldenboy
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
LANs may not be possible with an audience in North America.

As for LANs, the sources claim the league intends to have LAN competition for the North American division without an audience. Things may change in Asia, however, where audiences may be allowed depending on how the global health issues develop.

Of course, a return to online play is always a possibility as the future is uncertain.

It should also be noted that these alleged format changes are still subject to change, as GGRecon’s source emphasized.

Moth leads the Shock in OWL Grand Finals
Blizzard Entertainment
The Shock became back-to-back OWL Champions.

The possible inclusion of Contenders teams into Asian tournaments should be one to watch out for. Franchise owners may not look too favorably at the possibility of Tier 2 talent beating their expensive rosters.

Nonetheless, it’s looking like some massive changes could be in the works for season 4, especially with that potential April season start with Overwatch 2 still in development.