Nadeshot clears things up with VENN following E3 “miscommunication”


On Monday, June 14, E3 viewers were treated to an extended interview with 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag – but the esports org CEO wasn’t too happy about how the interview with Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez was portrayed. Luckily, it seems he was able to quickly patch things up with production company VENN.

Esports becomes a bigger and bigger part of the wider video game scene every year, so it makes sense that E3, one of the biggest shows for the industry all year, would feature a bit of esports during the show.

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On June 14, before the Capcom showcase that everyone was waiting for got started, E3 broadcast a pre-recorded interview with H3CZ and Nade about 100 Thieves, how the org was created, and some challenges they’ve faced. Shortly after it aired, the 100 Thieves boss tagged production company VENN on Twitter.

“Disappointed in @watchvenn. I did this show as a favor to my brother H3CZ. We sat down and had a real conversation and I said explicitly that I wanted to review the episode before it was published in case I wanted anything cut,” Nadeshot explained. “Radio silence and a few months later, they publish the episode live on E3’s official channel without any context or communications with me directly.”

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Despite him asking to see what VENN was planning to show, Nade claims he didn’t hear about the interview again until it showed up on YouTube, and added that he doesn’t “consent” to what the production company did with the material.

“Not one single second or asset was ever sent to me or reviewed,” he added. “I had no idea this was happening nor did I consent.”

“A conversation amongst best friends about my history as a competitor and business man doesn’t belong on E3,” Haag wrote. “I didn’t ask for this, nor did I pay for this promotion. I’m sorry to all the fans and community that celebrates E3 every year.”

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Roughly an hour after sending out the initial tweet blasting VENN, Nadeshot posted an update where he said, after talking to the company, it seems to have come down to “miscommunication.”

“After speaking with @watchvenn, I don’t believe there was malicious intent on their end.” Haag wrote. “This was a miscommunication and we’ve cleared things up. I appreciate them reaching out and taking care of me. All good on my end. Sorry I stirred the pot, was a frustrating moment.”

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VENN, for the most part, has stayed completely silent during this episode, obviously preferring to take care of things behind the scenes. Based on Nadeshot attempting to clear the air, it does look like there was no ill-intent behind the interview — no matter how poorly framed it was.

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