ONIC Esports win MSC 2023: Final placements and recap

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The Mobile Legends: Southeast Asia Cup, also known as MSC, has come to a close, with ONIC Esports securing the trophy. Here is everything you need to know about the tournament.

ONIC Esports are Mobile Legends’ new Southeast Asian champions after winning MSC 2023, which took place in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The Indonesian team, the fourth-placed finishers at the M4 World Championship, defeated Blacklist International 4-2 in a nail-biting BO7 grand final, collecting the first prize of $140,000 and succeeding RSG Philippines as MSC champions.

It was a dominant run from ONIC, who beat the champions from M1 (EVOS Legends), M4 (ECHO) and M3 (Blacklist International) en route to the title. Nicky ‘Kiboy’ Fernando, ONIC’s 20-year-old roamer, was named the MVP of the tournament.

Even without the prestige of the World Championships, MSC 2023 leaves a mark in Mobile Legends Esports’ history books. The grand final had a peak of 3.65 million viewers, second only to the M4 World Championship‘s peak of 4.2 million, according to data firm Esports Charts.

Moonton raised the bar even higher in 2023 by expanding MSC to include teams from other regions for the first time. The tournament welcomed top teams from North America, Turkey, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa), turning an “established regional brand into an international championship”, according to the organizers.

Below is everything you need to know about MSC 2023, including the schedule, the latest results, and how to watch.

MSC 2023: All results

The event took take place from June 10 through 18, with a one-day break between the group stage and the playoffs on June 14.

For the first time in MSC history, Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, was picked to host the tournament. The event was held at AEON Mall Mean Chey.

Blacklist International, the M3 world champions, finished in second place

The official schedule is the following:

  • June 10-13: Group Stage
  • June 14: Break
  • June 15-18: Playoffs

MSC 2023: Prize and standings

Placement Team Prize Money (USD)
1 ONIC Esports $140,000
2 Blacklist International $60,000
3 ECHO $30,000
4 BURN x FLASH $15,000
5-8 EVOS Legends $9,000
Fire Flux
RSG Slate SG
9-12 Team Occupy $4,000
Fenix Esports
Team EVO

MSC 2023: Playoffs (June 15-18)

Day 1: June 15

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Quarter-finals RSG Slate SG 0-3 BURN x FLASH 12 AM 3 AM 8 AM
Quarter-finals Blacklist Int. 3-0 Fire Flux 4 AM 7 AM 12 PM

Day 2: June 16

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Quarter-finals ECHO 3-1 TODAK 12 AM 3 AM 8 AM
Quarter-finals ONIC 3-0 EVOS 4 AM 7 AM 12 PM

Day 3: June 17

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Semi-finals BURN x FLASH 1-3 Blacklist Int. 9 AM 12 AM 5 AM
Semi-finals ECHO 0-3 ONIC 1 AM 4 AM 9 AM
3rd place match BURN x FLASH 2-3 ECHO 5 AM 8 AM 1 PM

Day 4: June 18

Stage Match PT ET GMT
Grand final Blacklist Int. 2-4 ONIC 4 AM 7 AM 12 PM

MSC 2023: Group Stage (June 10-13)

Day 1: June 10

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group C ONIC 2-0 BURN  12 AM 3 AM 8 AM
Group A ECHO 2-0 EVO 2: 30 AM 5:30 AM 10:30 AM
Group B Fenix 1-2 EVOS 5 AM 8 AM 1 PM

Day 2: June 11

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group D TODAK 2-0 Occupy 12 AM 3 AM 8 AM
Group B Fenix 0-2 RSG Slate 2: 30 AM 5:30 AM 10:30 AM
Group A ECHO 2-1 Fire Flux 5 AM 8 AM 1 PM

Day 3: June 12

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group B RSG Slate 2-0 EVOS 12 AM 3 AM 8 AM
Group C ONIC 2-0 Outplay 2: 30 AM 5:30 AM 10:30 AM
Group D Blacklist Int. 2-0 Occupy 5 AM 8 AM 1 PM

Day 4: June 13

Group Match PT ET GMT
Group B EVOS 0-2 Fire Flux  12 AM 3 AM 8 AM
Group C Outplay 0-2 BURN 2:30 AM 5:30 AM 10:30 AM
Group A TODAK 1-2 Blacklist Int. 5 AM 8 AM 1 PM

Group A

Placement Team Record
1 ECHO 2-0
2 Fire Flux Impunity 1-1
3 Team EVO 0-2

Group B

Placement Team Record
1 RSG Slate SG 2-0
2 EVOS Legends 1-1
3 Fenix Esports 0-2

Group C

Placement Team Record
1 ONIC Esports  2-0
2 BURN x FLASH 1-1
3 Outplay 0-2

Group D

Placement Team Record
1 Blacklist International 2-0
2 TODAK 1-1
3 Team Occupy 0-2

MSC 2023: All qualified teams

Team Region Players
ONIC Esports Indonesia Butsss, Kairi, S A N Z, CW, Kiboy
EVOS Legends Indonesia Saykots, Tazz, Hijumee, Branz, DreamS
Fenix Esports Myanmar Royal Milk, Fayyan, Px7, Beni, Simple
ECHO Philippines Sanford, KarlTzy, Sanji, Bennyqt, Yawi
Blacklist International Philippines Edward, Wise, Yue, Owl, OhMyV33NUS
TODAK Malaysia Momo, RIval, Moon, CikuGais, YumSkie
RSG Slate SG Singapore Diablo, BRAYYY, Roy., Okky, Lucianqt
BURN x FLASH Cambodia ATM, CHMA, C Cat, Donut, D7
Team EVO Mekong Opper, your name, Agi, BisTon, TwentyAugust
Team OutPlay North America URESHIII, Bestplayer1, Hoon, Basic, SHARK
Fire Flux Impunity Turkey Alien, Kyura, Rosa, Sunshine, APEX47
Team Occupy MENA Alphord, Lio, Smile, Speedy, Maro

Note: The MSC Committee has announced that the winner of the North American qualifier, BloodThirstyKings, is unable to attend the event. The team will be replaced by the qualifier’s runner-up, Team Outplay.

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