Kyedae teases involvement in VCT Game Changers after streaming scrims

Jeremy Gan
Kyedae promotional image for 100 Thieves

Kyedae, QuaterJade, Sydeon and more have teased a possible team up for VCT Game Changers after streaming scrim sessions.

It is quite unexpected that a who’s who of female Valorant streamers would want to play in a professional tournament. However, in a recently streamed coaching and scrim session, the possibility of the collaboration becoming a reality was heavily hinted at.

Kyedae, QuaterJade, Sydeon and TrulyTenzin all streamed the session. The four were joined by Tupperware, a former player for Immortals’ Game Changer team, and Ruin, a former coach for Complexity. 

The stream started off with Ruin and Tupperware discussing planned set plays, default positioning, and protocolling for enemy executes and pushes. With Tupperware taking the role of in-game leader as the most experienced out of the five. 

The squad played multiple scrims against TenZ, Kyedae’s fiance and star for Sentinels, and his friends to test out what they’ve learnt. They even were playing against collegiate Valorant teams.

It’s usually frowned upon to stream scrims in Valorant, but it appeared as though all the teams were alright with setup.

Unfortunately, the squad didn’t win any of the maps they played. However it’s important to note they were up against one of Valorant’s greatest players and still managed to keep the scoreline close.

Kyedae hints at potential involvement in VCT Game Changers

In addition, it was clear the four streamers were able to execute the planned set plays and follow Tupperware’s mid round calling very well. 

Throughout the stream, Kyedae kept teasing her chat of possibly squading up to play in Game Changers. Responding to a question from chat, she said sarcastically, “I can’t confirm, but I know you’re not stupid.”

Tenzin too teased her viewers in a tweet sarcastically saying they were just scrimming for fun. Even though they had an entire coaching session before hand.

Series One of the VCT Game Changers NA starts on April 7, and the open qualifiers are starting very soon. And it seems it won’t be too much of a surprise if we see Kyedae somewhere on the players list.