DSG signs Kyedae, QuaterJade, Sydeon in new all-female Valorant team

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DSG has announced their all-female Valorant team to compete in VCT Game Changers, with Kyedae, QuaterJade, Sydeon, and TrulyTenzin all confirmed to be joining the team. 

When a who’s who of female Valorant streamers decided to stream their coaching and scrim sessions, many of their viewers immediately speculated the four mega streamers might be forming a team to compete in Game Changers. Now however, we can confirm that the female-led Valorant dream team to be true. 

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On March 28, Disguised Toast announced his long rumored Game Changers roster, which includes Kyedae, QuaterJade, Sydeon, and TrulyTenzin are all confirmed to be in the roster.

Joining them is Lydia “Tupperware” Wilson, a former Game Changers player for Immortals, and Corey “Ruin” Hartog, a former coach for Complexity. 

What will the roles on DSG Game Changers look like?

The streamed coaching and scrim sessions already revealed many aspects of how their team would work. As the most experienced player on the team, Tupperware was given the in-game leader role. All the other in-game roles have been cemented during the stream. 

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Below you can find a list of their roles from the stream.

  • Kyedae: Controller and Sentinel flex
  • QuaterJade: Duelist
  • Tupperware: IGL and Initiator
  • Sydeon: Controller and Sentinel flex
  • Truly Tenzin: Initiator flex

The scrims showed promise for what is arguably the most clouted team in Game Changers. Despite losing all the scrimmed maps, it was clear they had the skill to hang with the teams they played against. 

The squad was able to perform the set plays and executions which were discussed during the coaching session, and the four executed tupperware’s mid-round calling well. 

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DSG Game Changers will be playing in the upcoming Open Qualifiers for Series One for the VCT Game Changers NA, and they will be streaming their practice and scrim sessions throughout the week.

Disguised Toast responds to backlash over signing streamers

Upon the announcement, DSG faced backlash over signing Valorant streamers rather than already established Game Changers players. Disguised Toast responded to one such criticism over his approach for a Game Changers roster.

He explained that when he tweeted out asking who were the best unsigned Game Changers players, he got a alot of recommendations but did not feel creating a roster with a month out towards the Open Qualifiers was right.

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“I received a lot of great recommendations but ultimately felt like there was not enough time to put together a team responsibly” he said.

He further explained that building a proper Game Changers roster would cost roughly $300,000. Which he did not feel comfortable enough to commit the amount to the scene just yet, as he feels it is still very underserved by Riot.

Rather, he said, “I went with the content approach.” He said he was upfront with both Tupperware and Ruin with his intentions, and they agreed to his project.

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