Hungrybox calls for new Smash speedrun category after beating opponent in record time

Hungrybox making the POGCHAMP face.Twitter: LiquidHbox

Hungrybox has called for the addition of a new speedrun record to be tracked after disposing of an opponent in just over 30 seconds during Smash Bros. Melee competition.

Hugrybox has been at the top of the Smash Bros world for more than a decade now, so it’s no surprise that the Melee star ended up snagging one of the quickest dubs in the history of the scene.

What is surprising is that it happened inside the Top 8 at a LAN event filled with other top talents. The match wrapped up so quickly that the legend himself took to Twitter to investigate whether or not there was a pre-existing record on file.

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Hungrybox beats SEB in 34 seconds & calls for Smash speedrun category

The showdown was between Hbox’s Jigglypuff and SEB’s Falco. The two began trading right away but the Argentinian came out on top, gaining a one-stock lead over his opponent in just five or so seconds.

There was a few seconds of downtime, including a quick rest for Jigglypuff, but the fight raged on directly afterward with Seb losing another stock before twenty total seconds of the game had passed.

The rest of the match was similarly lopsided, and words don’t really do it justice, so we’ve embedded the clip below.

After the match, Hbox shared the footage with fans to celebrate his fastest game ever.

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“I just finished a Top 8 match in 34 seconds. It’s a PB and it might actually be the World Record,” he said.

He followed that up by asking if Speedrun could add it to their site as an official record, but there’s been no answer to that so far.

Still, this achievement is a monstrous one and only further cements Hungrybox’s status as one of the best to ever do it.