CSGO pro KiKi accuses Astralis’ Spike of sexual assault

Female Counter-Strike pro Kaia ‘KiKi’ Holmen has accused ex-teammate Selin ‘Spike’ Sinem Alak of sexual assault.

22-year-old female Counter-Strike pro KiKi has accused her former teammate Spike of sexual assault while the two shared a room together during a bootcamp in Poland earlier this year.

In a TwitLonger on October 8, the CS pro detailed how she decided to “take one for the team” and share a room with someone else to make space for a photography team.

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This resulted in KiKi sharing a room with teammate Spike where, according to KiKi, she was sexually assaulted on the night of May 3.

After having social drinks with the team before everyone went to bed, Spike supposedly began asking KiKi to make out while she tried to fall asleep.

Despite declining, Spike is said to have continued bugging her “multiple times” and “wouldn’t stop” until KiKi eventually gave in.

After the kiss allegedly resulted in unwanted touching, KiKi reports: “I kept saying that I was just not interested in her that way and that I didn’t want to have sex with her, especially not with teammates. She didn’t want to listen.”

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Spike then responded that she didn’t care that they were teammates because she could have sex with whoever she wanted to, since she doesn’t get feelings for people.

After agreeing to kiss her in the hopes of ending the whole situation, KiKi claims she was touched “everywhere”. She also accuses Spike of not stopping until she started yelling and screaming.

KiKi described the experience as the “worst night in a long time,” leaving her not being able to “sleep for sh*t.” She added that at a team meeting the next day, Spike began to blame her and claimed she was “flirty”.

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“I know that the girls are covering up for Spike, saying it never happened and that I am full of lies. But it really is words against words on this,” KiKi wrote, adding that she’s informed Astralis about the situation, but doesn’t know what they did with the information. “I am not coming out with what happened out of jealousy or saltiness. I am doing this to warn others as it might happen again to someone else.”

Astralis and Spike are yet to respond to the allegations.

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