NBA team owner claims 2K League players will earn more than LeBron James

Published: 22/May/2019 17:42

by Eli Becht


Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis says in 10 years NBA 2K League players will make more than NBA superstar LeBron James does today.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal Future of Everything event, Leonsis made the bold claim that NBA 2K League players will not only make more money than LeBron, but will also be more well-known.

We’re still easily in the infancy of the NBA 2K League, which is just in its second season, but there are 21 teams in the league that all are affiliated with NBA teams.

To put this into context, LeBron James made $35.6 million in his first year with the Los Angeles Lakers. This number doesn’t include any other sponsorship he may have, such as shoe deals, clothing lines, etc. 

For the first year of 2K League, first-round picks were paid a base salary of $35,000 for a 6-month contract, with every other player being paid $32,000. 

That means there’s still a long way to go if the average player is going to catch LeBron James, let alone lowest paid NBA player.

NBA 2K LeagueThe NBA 2K League has 21 teams.

“I believe that in 10 years one NBA 2K player will be more well known, popular and better compensated than LeBron James is today,” said Leonsis, according to Sport Business. “It’s just math. If you’re in India, you’re not able to see LeBron, you can’t buy tickets and go to the game, you can’t watch it on cable…you can see a couple of clips. These [esports] players are developing [social media] handles, they’re developing personalities, they’re online and anyone can watch and participate.”

The NBA 2K League hasn’t caught the world on fire so far with viewership being much lower than both the Call of Duty and Overwatch Leagues on Twitch.

If players are ever going to make as much as LeBron does, viewership will have to have a sharp spike. With the pace things are currently on, it seems like it’d be more likely the league would fold within 10 years rather than players making millions.

Call of Duty

Why H3CZ doesn’t see LA Thieves as OpTic’s biggest CDL rival

Published: 20/Jan/2021 3:23

by Brad Norton


While the OpTic Chicago and Los Angeles Thieves matchup has the Call of Duty scene salivating, it won’t be the Green Wall’s biggest rivalry in the 2021 season, according to CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez.

With the history between H3CZ and Thieves owner Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, it’s easy for fans to hype up their first CDL showdown. They may be close friends outside the game, but both are gunning for that top spot in the league.

Given the Thieves are a brand new force for the 2021 season, viewers are excited to see them in action. Fans even voted OpTic to be their very first opponents in the upcoming CDL Kickoff Classic.

Despite the anticipation, however, H3CZ doesn’t buy into the rivalry. “Do you think that’s going to be your team’s biggest rival this year?” Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler asked during a January 19 interview. “No,” H3CZ bluntly replied.

Nadeshot next to the Los Angeles Thieves logo
LA Thieves
The Thieves’ first showdown with the Green Wall is sure to be a spectacle, though H3CZ doesn’t buy into the rivalry.

“I get it. I get we’re trying to hype this thing up,” he admitted. Though H3CZ would rather see the league’s biggest feuds grow “organically.” Rather than immediately lining the Thieves up as their top challenger due to history outside of the game, he’d rather see narratives emerge from within.

“I just don’t think Call of Duty needs the added extra. Storylines are going to develop from the beginning.”

Instead, H3CZ doubled down on a stance he made clear back in December. “Everyone that doesn’t say FaZe or Empire is their number one rivalry is just playing for the crowd,” he explained.

To be the best, OpTic has to beat the best and that’s just what H3CZ intends for the Chicago lineup to achieve in 2021. “Everybody here is going after Empire, period. If you’re not gunning after the champions… I don’t know.”

The relevant topic begins at the 14:00 mark below.

Trying to force a major beef between the Green Wall and the Thieves is simply “too WWE,” according to H3CZ. “For people to be like ‘oh, it’s Nadeshot vs H3CZ,’ we’re not those dudes.”

So while the matchup might be intense when these two juggernauts first collide on January 24, don’t expect to see any wild trash talk from either owner. Empire and FaZe are the true rivals for OpTic in 2021, according to H3CZ.