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Where to find intelligence folders in Escape from Tarkov

Published: 10/Apr/2020 12:54

by Connor Bennett


Intelligence Folders might be one of the most underrated but lucrative ways to make money in Escape from Tarkov but where can you find them during raids? One YouTuber has pointed them out. 

Though the objective might be to survive and make as much cash as possible, Escape from Tarkov has plenty of different playstyles that you can utilize. You can be ultra-aggressive and hunt for kills, just stick to looting and avoiding fights, or you could ruin someone’s day by exit camping. 

There are plenty of high-value items to find if you purely want to be a looter but there are some, like Intelligence Folders, that go under the radar even though they can be worth a few hundred thousand rubles on the flea market. 

Battlestate Games
Intelligence Folders can be sold or used to upgrade your hideout in Tarkov.

YouTuber KARRY revealed a few spots where players can find Intelligence Folders on the Reserve raid map. Though they can also be found on Labs, KARRY noted that the admission price isn’t worth it compared to Reserve. 

On Reserve, there are ten spawns for the Intelligence Folders, all spread out across the raid but can usually be found on tables or in crates. Picking one up will mean you use two inventory slots but, seeing as they’re worth around 170,000-180,000, they are worth it.

Though you can find two folders inside the Queen building, as well as a further folder in the Helicopter that sits across from it, the most built-up area for Intelligence is near Dome. As KARRY points out, there are three pretty much on top of each other there – with extras in the tunnels below.

Of course, if you manage to get your hands on the folders, they can be quickly sold on the Flea Market for the prices we’ve already noted – though they can also be used to level your Intelligence Centre.

Doing this will allow you to craft Intelligence Folders from other items but KARRY notes that it doesn’t make sense financially, so you’re better off finding them from the spawns. 

Escape from Tarkov

How to access Escape from Tarkov’s early test server

Published: 13/Nov/2020 16:30 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 1:09

by Lauren Bergin


Battlestate Games have always been about building a fun community, but now they’re letting players influence the game design itself by launching the Escape from Tarkov Early Test Server. 

Escape from Tarkov’s developers, Battlestate Games, has always had a reputation for communicating with the game’s fanbase. By doing this, they’ve formed a dedicated community of players and fans who truly live and breathe the game.

These fans know that the updates for Tarkov are few and far between, normally coming in big chunks instead of occasional drip-fed updates. The announcement of new guns in early November certainly caused a stir, especially with Streets of Tarkov still looming somewhere on the horizon.

To add to the excitement, Tarkov’s devs have come up with an interesting way of including their fans in the development process: the Early Test Server.

Battlestate Games
Streets of Tarkov is hopefully coming soon, but fans may be included in its development

What is the Early Test Server?

The Tarkov early test program works similarly to the PBE in LoL or Experimental Mode in Overwatch. As Battlestate’s tweet says, the ETS allows players to “test and run new features, content, and updates before they appear in the game, and allow players to contribute to the world of Escape from Tarkov.”

Additionally, it will help the devs identify any bugs or fixes in a tighter timeframe. Therefore, it will help ensure that any new updates are as polished as possible.

How to access the Early Test Server

In order to participate in the Early Test Server, you must have an active copy of Escape from Tarkov.

To become a part of the Early Test server, simply follow these steps:

  • Activate the launcher.
  • Fill in the ETS form.
  • Await notification that you’ve been selected.

It’s great to see the game’s devs reaching out to their fans to ensure that the Tarkov experience is the best it can be. So, if you fancy shaping the face of Tarkov, apply for the ETS: The possibilities are limitless!