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Escape from Tarkov

Surv12 and Vaseline crafts added to Escape From Tarkov Medstation

Published: 8/Jun/2020 21:28

by Bill Cooney


The Surv12 field surgery kit and Vaseline can now be made at Medstations in Escape From Tarkov, and there’s a good chance players could have the required materials lying around right now.

If you want to produce both of these new crafts in Tarkov, you’ll need a Level 3 Medstation at your hideout. This can definitely be a bit of a grind to set up, but it’s more than worth it to be able to make your own powerful drugs and combat stims.

A Level 3 Medstation takes 12 hours and 150,000 Roubles to upgrade from Level 2, along with the following items and benchmarks:


  • 4 Saline solution
  • 1 LEDX Skin Transilluminator
  • 1 Ophthalmoscope
  • Therapist LL3
  • Skier LL2
  • Vitality Level 3

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A fully-upgraded Medstation in your hideout can make life in Tarkov much easier.

Once you have your Level 3 station, you’ll finally be able to make the Surv12, which comes with 15 charges and can heal fractured bones and fix one destroyed body part per charge. It does need to be used alongside medkits to be effective, though.

The ability to heal more serious injuries on the battlefield makes the Surv12 fairly valuable, and all players need to craft their own is six pile of meds, a set of tools, and a Level 3 Medstation as we mentioned. It will take an hour and 16 minutes to create the item once it’s queued, just enough time for a quick excursion for even more loot.


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There’s finally a use for all of that soap and shampoo you’ve been stockpiling.

The other new craftable is Vaseline, which finally puts Tarkov’s shampoo and soap drops to use (since Scavs aren’t particularly known for their hygiene, after all).

Three soaps, a shampoo, and a pile of meds will now make two Vaselines, which can remove pain, and also lubricate certain types of gear in a pinch.

Vaseline can be looted all over Tarkov, but the ability to produce it yourself can make it easier to get Meds cases from the Therapist once you reach Loyalty Level 2.

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Vaseline might not be too exciting on its own, but it can be traded up for Meds Cases.

These new medical items are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new hideout craftables in Tarkov. Following the 12.6 patch, Battlestate added new crafts like bandages, armor, vests, backpacks, ammunition, different technological items, and more.


Even if you don’t have a Level 3 Medstation yet, you’ll probably be able to cash in on the new demand for Soap and Shampoo on the flea market and walk away with more money than you’d previously be able to get for these drops.