Shroud reveals simple trick to improving Escape from Tarkov skills

Brent Koepp

Mixer streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek opened up to his audience during his January 26 broadcast, and gave advice to viewers on what he believes is the best way to improve at Escape from Tarkov. 

Shroud is considered one of the top FPS streamers in the world, with his skills earning him the nickname “human aimbot.” The talented personality has lately been obsessed with the 2016-released Escape from Tarkov.

During his recent broadcast, the Mixer star replied to a question in chat on how to get better at the game, and gave his tips on what players really should be doing to improve their grasp on the popular title.

The Mixer personality is one of the best FPS streamers in the world.

A viewer in shroud’s chat asked him if he thought playing hardcore would be a good way to hone one’s skills in Tarkov. “You think that hardcore is also a way to train and become better?” he read aloud.

The personality shot the idea down swiftly, and exclaimed, “No! No, it’s not! Not at all,” laughing at it. The former CS:GO pro began to share his advice on the best way to improve at the game. “The only way you get better at this game, is just playing!”

He then pointed out that playing hardcore wouldn’t really make a difference in this scenario. “Hardcore at the end of the day, would just be the same f**king thing, you know?” he said.

Clarifying his advice, he expanded on his original statement and said, “Just running around the map, shooting your guns, that helps you, you know?”

The FPS pro then broke down how the game’s systems helps you improve the more you play. “The more gear you have, the easier the game is to learn, right? Because you are more confident!” he stated.

Shroud then exclaimed, “you have more bullets, you have more armor, you can shoot more s**t,” before reiterating his simple advice of “You get better at shooting s**t.”

If nothing else, his message seems to be in line with some of the oldest advice ever given in that “practice makes perfect,” which actually makes sense given Tarkov’s design of players getting stronger the more material they loot.

Shroud is currently streaming regularly on the Microsoft-owned platform Mixer, announcing his move from Twitch in October 2019, where he currently has over 965,000 followers on his channel.

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