ZombiUnicorn calls out Facebook & Call of Duty over “sexism” from Ghost actor Jeff Leach

ZombiUnicorn and Jeff LeachTwitter: ZombiUnicorn / Jeff Leach

Twitch streamer Natalie ‘ZombiUnicorn’ Casanova has called on Facebook Gaming and Call of Duty to take action over Jeff Leach, a partnered streamer on Facebook and voice actor of Ghost in the CoD series.

This story has been updated with comment from Activision.

Jeff Leach was permanently banned from Twitch in 2017 after comments he made on a H1Z1 talk show about ZombiUnicorn, because Casanova had turned down an offer to be on the show when they discovered Leach was also a guest.

Leach’s comments about Casanova’s “horrendous cleavage”, and other comments, resulted in his permanent Twitch ban, but he is now a partnered streamer on Facebook Gaming, where he often streams Warzone – a game which he also features in as the voice of Ghost.

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On May 7, another Facebook streamer, NitroLukeDX, posted a Twitter thread including clips of Leach talking about ZombiUnicorn, and other clips.

In one clip, while playing Warzone, Leach says “I love how it’s always like some dirty, dirty, gross f**king looking emo b**ch who looks like she f**king has no chance of getting a bit of d**k in her.”

In another, he says “See you later Leah. Suck my fat girthy c**k, you stupid c**t.” It’s believed these clips are from December 2020.

Responding the thread, ZombiUnicorn reiterated their own confrontations with Leach and his community, asking that platforms take action.

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“At this point, it’s not on us to have thicker skin. It’s on companies to take these reports more seriously. If you want to post during protests and social activism causes, about how you’re supportive as a company, then you need to be consistent across the board and you need to remove people like this.”

“There’s no room for passes for white, cisgender men anymore,” Casanova continues. “Enough is enough. Stop giving him, and people like him, a platform.

“Activision, Call of Duty, why are you hiring people like this, with well-documented cases of this kind of stuff? It’s depressing. Please, put your money where your mouth is. Stop acting like you’re allies.”

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Jeff Leach has not responded to the accusations against him publicly, other than to tag Facebook Gaming in a post criticizing NitroLukeDX (who started the initial thread) for alleged sexist comments on his own stream.

A number of female content creators on Facebook gaming dedicated a live stream to their concerns with sexist streamers on the platform, also using the hashtag ‘GameOver4Sexism’.

Activision told Dexerto in a statement that they will not be working with Leach in the future.

“Sexism has no place in our industry, our games or in society. Activision is no longer working with Jeff Leach. We strongly condemn these remarks. We are committed to delivering a fun and safe experience for all players.”

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