A stream sniping hacker in Warzone is haunting TimTheTatman’s matches


Winning a match in Warzone is tough at the best of times, but TimTheTatman’s win rate has taken a dive while a stream sniping hacker continues to target him.

If the wave of game-breaking glitches, broken guns, and skill-based matchmaking weren’t enough to put you off of Warzone, then a new variant of hacker just might. While Activision has been clamping down on cheaters in Warzone, there are still times where few manage to get through the net. Unfortunately, one such hacker has his sights firmly set on Call of Duty content creator, Timothy ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar

In fact, this Warzone player has been busy stream sniping Tim’s lobbies and actively hunting him down on stream. Not only has this led to some incredibly frustrating moments for the Warzone player, it has also stopped him from winning a number of high killcount games. 

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TimTheTatman Warzone record ruined by stream sniping hacker

TimTheTatman WarzoneTimTheTatman
As soon as Tim tried to take down the hacker, he instantly went down.

Losing Warzone games to those running wallhacks and aimbot is frustrating at the best of times, but for Call of Duty Twitch streamer TimTheTatman, it has become an all too familiar occurrence. In fact, this one hacker has been targeting Tim whenever he begins streaming. “This guy in particular, literally killed me two days in a row. The crazy part was, I didn’t even know he was cheating at first!”

It was only when Tim’s chat notified him that the player in question was a hacker, that he started to see him cropping up in more of his Warzone lobbies. At one point, the hacker even actively decided to avoid killing Tim’s teammate NICKMERCS, further rubbing salt into the wound. 

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However, things took a turn for the worse when the aimbotter ruined Tim’s attempts at breaking his personal record. “A lot of you know that I’m not necessarily the best player, but every once in a while, I’ll pop off,” says Tim. “This game, in particular, I was popping off. This was a PR pace game.” 

As of writing, the most kills Tim has ever gotten in a single match is 29. Things were looking good for Tim as he secured 21 kills from the early to mid-game. “It was very, very possible that I could break my own personal record, says Tim. Unfortunately, his hopes were quickly cut short after he realized that the same hacker from previous games had tracked him down once again. 

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During the final rounds of the game, Tim realized that he was being constantly downed by a sniper. However, this sniper wasn’t only incredibly accurate with the placement of their shots, they were only aiming for Tim. “At this point, my whole mission is to kill this sniper, he’s trolling me,” exclaimed the streamer. 

It was clear Tim was agitated and he quickly began to hunt down the perpetrator. However, as soon as he entered a nearby vehicle, the hacker instantly downed Tim. This was met with loud laughter from his squadmates CouRageJD, FaZe Doozy, and FaZe Santana. “It’s the same f****** kid from three days in a row,” Tim loudly shouted as he repeatedly hit his desk. 

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“I blocked his other account and he made another one. I f****** hate you, I do, I do,” said Tim. “He’s cheated on me three days in a row and he keeps making new accounts. This is a PR game and your bullsh**ting!” Despite being killed by the hacker, Tim’s team went onto win the game, but whether this particular player will rear their head in another of his stream remains to be seen.