YouTuber’s KSI vs Logan Paul prank bans him from Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber and noted prankster Niko Omilana has been banned from the upcoming boxing match between Jake Paul and AnEsonGib, thanks to his jaw-dropping practical joke during the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch.

On November 9, 2019, Omilana turned heads across the net by posing as a VIP attendee for KSI vs Logan Paul 2, with the aim of sneaking into the boxing ring during the YouTubers’ final bout.

While he was ultimately successful in this venture, it doesn’t look like the prankster will be able to return for round two, according to a Tweet he posted on January 19.

Although Jake Paul vs Gib could provide the perfect opportunity for a runback of his viral practical joke, Omilana revealed that he has actually been banned from the Miami-based fight, claiming that he was “blacklisted” from attending.

“Rip ringside,” he wrote. “I’ve been blacklisted from the Jake Paul vs Gib fight, those p***ies didn’t want the smoke again.”

Considering his past prank, there’s no telling if the YouTuber will pull off yet another ridiculous stunt that could somehow land him inside the venue, regardless of his ban — but he has yet to reveal any current plans for such at the time of writing.

Both Jake and Logan Paul have yet to comment on Omilana’s ban, either, which was very likely brought about by his last prank at the KSI rematch — but that’s not the only time he’s managed to sneak in the ring.

The YouTuber goes by the online moniker “Ringside” for a reason, after sneaking into the first KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match in August 2018 and even managing to score ringside seats at the Manchester Arena.

YouTube prankster “NDL Ringside” even managed to trick boxing pro Shannon Briggs ahead of the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch in 2019.

He managed to repeat this task for their rematch a year later, printing out a fake VIP badge and entering the Staples Center from an alternate entrance without issue.

While Omilana’s past two stunts were nothing short of genius, considering his notoriety for the pranks, he may have a harder time this go-round — if he’s able to circumvent the ban, in the first place.

YouTubers Jake Paul and AnEsonGib are set to face off on January 30 in their debut professional boxing match.

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib is scheduled to throw down on January 30 in Miami, Florida, and will be streamed via sports broadcasting service DAZN.