YouTuber Ryan Trahan hits back at Topper Guild over stolen video ideas

Topper Guild and Ryan TrahanYouTube: Topper Guild, Ryan Trahan

YouTube star Ryan Trahan hit back at Topper Guild after the TikToker allegedly copied of one of his YouTube shorts for his content.

Ryan Trahan is a YouTuber who exploded into popularity in the middle of 2022 with his penny challenge and delivering a single penny to MrBeast.

Seeing certain videos of Trahan earn lots of views inspired other content creators to put their own spin on his ideas, but some are seemingly plagiarizing his viral videos hoping for the same results.

One of the creators accused of plagiarizing Trahan is a TikTok content creator Topper Guild. There are videos on YouTube and TikTok accusing Guild of copying ideas from other creators like MrBeast and criticizing him for wasting food in his content.

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When someone revealed to Ryan that Guild copied a script of one of his YouTube shorts almost word for word, the content creator only had this to say: “how is this even fun to do.”

Fans disappointed by Guild’s content copying

Ryan’s reaction garnered over 1,600,000 views at the time of writing and although he did not have much to say besides his initial comment, many users agreed that this behavior should not be acceptable on social media.

“The unoriginality is off the chain these days. It’s crazy there is no way to reprimand this type of behavior,” tweeted one user.

HasanAbi pointed out in the replies just how much Guild profited off the TikTok that’s allegedly plagiarized: “He got 195k likes he will never stop.”

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Topper has not made a statement regarding the allegations at the time of writing.