YouTuber Madeyewlook raises skin cancer awareness after revealing melanoma diagnosis

Madeyewlook reveals melanoma diagnosisYouTube: Madeyewlook

YouTuber, Twitch star and body painter ‘Madeyewlook’ revealed she was diagnosed with melanoma, and is using her platform to educate and raise awareness about skin cancer after breaking the news to her fans.

Madeyewlook is a seriously talented artist who has used her skills to become one of the internet’s most popular body painters. Boasting an audience of over 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, it’s safe to say that she’s dominating the space, and even has her own line of body paints to show for it.

Throughout her career, Madeyewlook has debuted a slew of jaw-dropping looks and interpretations of various different characters — but her usual output of painting tutorials was interrupted by a shocking upload on September 10.

In her video, the artist explained that she had been diagnosed with melanoma, and claimed that she’d gotten the news during the filming of her “fruit bat” painting tutorial.


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She went on to explain that she was in stage one of the cancer, and stated that it was growing horizontally, not vertically. Doctors also told her that they would be able to remove the cancerous area from her skin with surgery, and did so the very next day.

Madeyewlook used her platform to spread awareness regarding melanoma, and urged viewers to get their skin checked regularly, since if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been aware of her cancer, at all.


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She also advised viewers to pay special attention to any abnormal moles they might have, as her melanoma had cropped up as a mole that kept getting darker within a fairly short period of time.

“You think it’s gonna look crazier than it actually does,” she admitted. “Mine was small. I had looked at it, and I never thought that it would be something so drastic.”

This all took place as she was being featured on a billboard in Times Square, courtesy of Twitch, making for an odd cocktail of emotions for the streamer.

Luckily, Madeyewlook is now officially “cancer-free,” and her fans are sending an outpouring of support her way in wake of this shocking news.