New Twitch extension Voicemod Bits lets viewers change streamer’s voice with donations

voicemod bits extensionVoicemod

A new official Twitch extension from Voicemod, Voicemod Bits, will now allow viewers to alter their favorite streamers’ voice through donating bits – allowing fans to get involved with a fundamental aspect of a broadcast, and streamers a new way to monetize their content.

Streamer’s using voice changers is nothing new of course, but Voicemod’s Twitch extension will provide easy access for more content creators to have some fun with their voice, as well as make some money from it.

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Bits are Twitch’s own donation system, of which the site itself takes a cut, as opposed to donating directly to the streamer through 3rd-parties and PayPal.

Because Bits are linked to Twitch directly though, it opens up opportunities like this, for streamers to more directly involve their paying viewers in the broadcast itself.

What is Voicemod Bits?

Voicemod Bits is a new official Twitch extension from Voicemod. Launching on September 9, all streamers will be able to use the extension. There is also Voicemod PRO, which allows for tiered pricing with specific voice effects, or make the extension usable by subscribers only.

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Streamers have control too, over how many Bits certain effects will cost, and how long they will last. The extension has a built-in cooldown system, to avoid spam.

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How does Voicemod Bits work?

The Voicemod Bits extension is linked directly with your Twitch channel. After obtaining a secret key from the Voicemod plugin, streamers simply need to install the extension on the Twitch dashboard, and enter the secret key. From there, content creators can select from a number of voice modifiers on the plugin.

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“Voicemod easily integrates with popular apps such as Stream Deck and Streamlabs OBS, as well as Skype, Discord, WhatsApp, and Zoom, and is compatible with online games including Apex Legends, Valorant, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Among Us, League of Legends, and Fortnite,” the platform explains.

The extension has already been available in early access for some select broadcasters. During this two-month period, Voicemod says over 60,000 viewers activated over 1.5 million Twitch Bits to use Voicemod Bits on streams, proving this could be a both a fun and lucrative extension for streamers.

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Voicemod also has a partner program for dedicated users of the extension to earn revenue, create merch and more support options.

The Voicemod Bits extension is available for all streamers on Twitch to use starting September 9.

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