Twitch streamer’s chat donates over $1000 to tip waitress during restaurant stream

americandad photoTwitter, AmericanDad

From wacky skits to a gigantic Pokémon card collection, popular streamer ‘AmericanDad’ constantly finds a way to stand out from the crowd. 

Indiana-based Twitch streamer AmericanDad has found his niche in content creation by the way of humorous skits that he shares on social media, finding hilarious ways to end viewer arguments, and interacting with his fans on Twitter.

When he decided to live-stream his dinner at a local restaurant, his community assumed it would be a semi-normal broadcast. However, when he told his chat that any donation made during would be given to his waitress as a tip, his community decided to make her day.

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Twitter, AmericanDad
AmericanDad showing off his unique style, alongside his collection of Pokémon Cards and… plungers?

AmericanDad rasies money

During his September 5 IRL stream, in which the long-haired streamer broadcasted his dinner outing, AmericanDad explained to his chat how they were going to make someone’s day much better.

“I’m getting nervous. I don’t want her to faint or pass out… I want her to be stoked like us,” the streamer told his chat as the donations kept coming in.

After showing chat that they had raised $1,240 to give to the waitress, he called her over to his table to explain what was happening.

“There’s over 500 people watching,” he explained. “We’re gonna have you pick a number between one and ten, if you choose right, we’re gonna give you a good tip.” After picking number seven, she was asked what she thought about a $1,240 tip – prompting her to blurt out, “Thank you so much!!”

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While AmericanDad may have posted the clip of the encounter a few days late, he made sure his community on Twitter knew right after it happened.

“Our live stream just tipped our waitress $1240. Life is so sick. I love you guys,” the streamer stated in his tweet. Shortly after posting his original tweet, it seemed the waitress had found him.

The waitress seemed to be super happy with her high-value tip, based on her understandably peppy reply.

While this may be the first time AmericanDad has done something of this caliber, judging by his excitement in the video, we may see him do this again soon.

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