YouTuber Glam&Gore called out for alleged racism by Spankie Valentine

Alice Hearing
Glam&Gore exposed for alleged racism by Spankie Valentine

Beauty YouTuber Glam&Gore has been called out for alleged ‘racism’ in a video made by her former friend and fellow YouTuber, Spankie Valentine.

On Sunday, October 11, Spankie published an hour-long video discussing Glam&Gore’s alleged racist actions including micro-aggressions, and trashing of other makeup gurus such as James Charles and Jeffree Star.

Glam&Gore, also known as Mykie, is a popular 30-year-old makeup artist with more than four million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She’s also known for dating YouTube star Anthony Padilla.

Mykie and Spankie have been friends for more than two years. In the video, Spankie forewarns viewers that the video “deals with racism, prejudice against the LGBT+ community, gaslighting, narcissism, and using people like James Charles, Jeffree Star, and Gabbie [Hannah].”

Jeffree Star and Glam&Gore Mykie
Spankie accused Mykie of using Jeffree Star for clout.

Spankie discussed what Mykie had said about other members of the beauty community: “What bothered me was how much she was saying about other YouTubers behind their backs, mainly James Charles, and Jeffree Star, and Gabbie Hannah, while publicly fronting like she was their friend and using them for clout and getting on their channel.”

Spankie also accused Mykie of racist behavior in the form of microaggressions, pulling out many of her previous tweets. Spankie alleged, “She even tweeted a lot about claiming to be the victim of racism while dragging women of color.”

Spankie concluded by saying, “I’m not friends with her, I unfollowed her, and I’m done. I’m done because of the endless microaggressions which are racist, I’m done because from my perspective she exploits black trauma. She repeatedly made herself the victim of our oppression; she dragged women of color.”

Trisha Paytas, another YouTuber known for beauty tutorials who is heavily involved in the community, also tweeted in light of the backlash, describing Mykie as the “the lowest type of scum on the internet.”

Mykie has since responded to the accusations in an Instagram story, saying, “I’m sorry for my behavior in years past and I should have said this sooner.” She went on to say that she is ashamed of her actions.

Mykie Glam&Gore apology
Glam&Gore apologized on her Instagram story.

She also added that she felt that some of the incidents that had been touched upon in Spankie’s video had been shared without full context. She wrote: “In short, we were very close at one point, I trusted her and we vented together often about the beauty community. A lot of my insecurities and jealousy issues came through in deplorable ways that were said in anger and frustration.”

Mykie Glam&Gore apology Instagram
Mykie claimed that some issues discussed did not give full context.

Mykie apologized, and took responsibility for the actions she was accused of by Spankie. “Ultimately, it is my fault that I didn’t realize all the times I upset her over the years and that I did not provide her an environment where she felt safe to discuss this, so please do not give her any hate.”

“I am grateful she called me out on the things I’m ashamed of from my past because an apology was needed for that…I’m sorry to Spankie and the bipoc and lgbtq+ community who were hurt by this and I promise to do better moving forward,” she said.

While Mykie has responded, James Charles and Jeffree Star are yet to express their thoughts.

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