YouTuber Danny Duncan accused of “serious” physical abuse by former employee

Virginia Glaze
YouTube: Danny Duncan, SunhatKid

YouTube star Danny Duncan has been accused of physical abuse by former employee and influencer SunhatKid, who claims Duncan repeatedly beat him and even put a knife to his throat.

Danny Duncan is a YouTuber with over 6 million subscribers, best known for his prank videos and the occasional altercation with an angry subject of his practical jokes.

Fellow influencer SunhatKid is a familiar face in these videos, who often hangs out with Duncan and crew and can be seen wearing his classic sun hat.

However, he’s been absent from Duncan’s content as of late, leading fans to wonder if a falling out happened between the two creators.

Danny Duncan YouTube prnaks
YouTube: Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan is an avid YouTube prankster.

Former employee accuses YouTuber Danny Duncan of physical abuse

SunhatKid has answered these questions in a December 1 video, claiming he parted ways with the YouTuber due several alleged instances of physical abuse.

In his video, SunhatKid claims Duncan made him unfollow all the influencers he was friends with on social media after purportedly asking him to sign a ten-year contract, which prevented him collaborating with other creators and took an alleged 20% of his earnings.

SunhatKid then elaborated upon multiple occurrences of purported abuse from Duncan, claiming the YouTuber had repeatedly hit him in the head during a friendly wrestling session, causing him to bleed and giving him a “big lump.”

SunHatKid YouTube video
YouTube: SunhatKid
SunhatKid claimed he was abused by YouTuber Danny Duncan on multiple occasions.

SunhatKid, who’d been a team member of Duncan’s, then shared text messages he’d sent, which claimed that Duncan had allegedly kicked him in the head after failing at a skateboarding trick.

The former employee then claimed that Duncan had cornered him in a bathroom and placed a knife at his throat, saying he was “scared for my life.”

“I thought there was a chance he was gonna stab me, and I was scared,” he said, noting Duncan had not stabbed him with the weapon.

SunhatKid claimed that, during the aforementioned instances, “no one cared” about the alleged abuse that happened, often in front of others. He claimed Duncan didn’t care about him unless he were being hit or acting like “a clown.”

“There were a lot of nice things that Danny did for me that made me strong and I took a lot of advice from, but there were also a lot of things that weakened me and made me feel so… I almost hated myself. I felt so lost and alone.”

Duncan has yet to respond to these allegations at the time of writing.