Danny Duncan gets in heated altercation with fan’s family who threw drink at his car

YouTube: Danny Duncan

Popular YouTuber Danny Duncan filmed a heated confrontation he got into with the family of one of his fans, who threw a drink at his car after being unsatisfied with the influencer’s conversational skills.

The life of a celebrity isn’t always an easy one. Plenty of high-profile internet stars have documented their run-ins with overzealous fans, from viewers who trespass onto their private property to stalkers who send threatening messages.

In Danny Duncan’s case, it’s not unusual for him to peeve off the occasional bystander thanks to the over-the-top nature of his comedic videos… but one fan took things to the next level.

During a June 29 video, Duncan showed security footage from a restaurant he was eating in, claiming that one of the diners was staring at him the entire time.

danny duncan argues wit fanYouTube: Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan is a popular YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers, who generally gets into all sorts of shenanigans and pranks in his videos.

After moving seats so he could avoid being in his line of sight, the fan came up to him and asked if he was Danny Duncan, to which he lied and replied “no,” seemingly off-put by the fan’s constant staring.

Once Duncan drove away from the restaurant, the family followed — and even threw a drink at his car while they were stopped at a red light. This resulted in a not-so-friendly chase between Duncan’s posse and the offending fan, which saw the fan’s family van nearly driven off the road.

The party finally had a confrontation in the parking lot of a Circle K gas station, which resulted in some not-so-friendly conversation where a woman riding in the van’s passenger side claimed that the drink-throwing never occurred.

Duncan arguing with womanYouTube: Danny Duncan
Duncan followed the fan’s van for twenty minutes before confronting them in the parking lot of a Circle K, resulting in a heated argument.

Duncan got upset that the woman had apparently lied about the situation, with the woman claiming he’d been “rude” after her son wanted to speak to him at the restaurant. The altercation ended once law enforcement was called to diffuse the situation.

“I never start no issues with anyone,” Duncan said of the argument. “Ever. But when they start it with me and we finish it, how the f**k am I the bully?”

“Things just get out of control sometimes, you know?” he continued. “I love my fans. Anyone that comes up to me. You don’t gotta stare at me for 30 f**king minutes like a weirdo at a restaurant.”

The YouTuber made it clear that he’s willing to hang out and take pictures with fans… provided they’re not weird about it (or throw drinks at his car).