YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt finally uploads video that got him detained by Russian police

Kawter Abed
Youtube vlog from Bald and Bankrupt

YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt has finally uploaded the video that got him arrested and detained by authorities in Kazakhstan, after exploring a Russian-owned space center.

British YouTuber Benjamin Rich, known as Bald and Bankrupt, was detained at a Russian space center in Baikonur by local authorities.

It was believed that he had broken into the derelict spaceport in the Kazakh city of Baikonur, and was given a three-day jail term when caught by Russian police.

Many fans wanted to see the video that got him arrested and detained back in May, and the YouTuber has finally uploaded a 40-minute long vlog to his channel, revealing the incident.

Bald and Bankrupt reveals the truth in new YouTube video

The new video, which has already been viewed over a million times, shows Rich and his wife making the difficult journey through the night, guided only by Google Maps.

Having hidden from security in a desert bunker, the couple managed to make it to the site at the end of a near 12-hour journey.

They found a room in a building they didn’t know about, and slept for a couple of hours before exploring. The building they had stumbled into turned out to be the dining hall for Russia scientists at the space base.

The couple finally managed to find the main hub of the spaceport, but it was boarded up.

Having found a rusty metal ladder, they scaled a huge wall and climbed into the building through a broken window. When they entered, they found the holy grail of Soviet exploration.

After taking their time to explore the site, the couple managed to leave the facility unharmed, but the video then cut to snippets from news outlets talking about their arrest.

The video then cut to the couple standing outside a hotel explaining what actually happened.

Rich said: “We didn’t have to walk back. As soon as we came down the ladder, a car turned up full of MBD – the Russian internal police.”

He continued: “And they ‘arrested’ us by taking us to the closed city of Baikonur. It was bloody epic.”

His wife Alina added: “We spent the last seven hours there and paid £50 each.”

Rich concluded: “Yeah, we paid a fine – not three days in prison. It was a good day. If you’re going to go to Baikonur, take £50 with you.”

The YouTube video, titled ‘This Video Caused An International Incident!’ has over 1 million views already, with many viewers praising Rich for his resilience.