YouTuber Attends and Breaks Down a Jake Paul and Team 10 Live Show Calling it a “Disaster”

Calum Patterson

At this point everyone knows about Jake Paul and his infamous vlogging channel on YouTube, but what you may not know is that he actually takes himself and his ‘Team 10’ crew around the US doing live shows.

The first question you may ask is what kind of live show could a YouTuber who simply vlogs his daily life put on? Well thankfully, fellow YouTuber Drew Gooden was on hand to provide a detailed breakdown of the whole thing.

And Gooden didn’t simply watch a few of his videos and do the standard ‘reaction’ – he actually spent his own money to attend one of these Team 10 shows in person.

Thankfully, he simply went for one of the general attendance tickets, avoiding the VIP tickets which cost a whopping $1,143, with VIP including ‘1 selfie with Jake Paul’.

The event took place in ‘The House of Blues’ in Disney Springs, Florida, an historic venue which has played host to many legendary names in Rock-n-Roll and blues over the years.

But, that wasn’t exactly the performance provided by Jake Paul and Co, as Gooden explains.

“[The DJ] kept asking every minute or so that people like his Facebook page, he also plugged his instagram about 9 times.

Everyone on stage that wasn’t Jake Paul seemed very aware that nobody cared about them, because they are not Jake Paul. Because of this, they would come up with ways every 30 seconds or so to remind people that Jake Paul was here.”

Almost two hours after the show had started, Jake Paul finally came out on stage. After a song and a half performed, the whole team return backstage and a pre-recorded clip rolled where they apparently created the next song to perform.

Gooden also explains how the entire show was essentially filler, with very little actual musical content compared to amount of dead time.

“In an effort to pass the time, Jake did this thing where he just kind of asked the crowd to scream, over and over again so ‘we could prove Orlando is the most lit city’.”

For the next 10 minutes, the team apparently had a ‘dance party’, which entailed jumping around on stage to other people’s music.

The show finished out with Jake Paul’s infamous song against teachers who teach math and english instead of “how to drive a Lambo”.

Jake Paul also gave a lengthy monologue before finishing completely, in which he apparently said that if you are feeling sad, you should just stop feeling sad and be happy instead.

“This is the second time I’ve spent money on a Jake Paul thing in order to make a video about how bad it is, and I’m starting to think that maybe I’m the one getting played here.”

You can watch Drew Gooden’s full video on Jake Paul and Team 10’s Live show below.

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