YouTube Prankster Vitalyzed Arrested at Gunpoint After Kidnapping Prank Goes Wrong

. 4 years ago
Vitalyzed - YouTube

YouTuber and social media mogul Vitalyzed released a video where one of his pranks went terribly wrong – nearly seven months after the fact.

Vitalyzed admitted that he’d been sitting on the footage for over half a year, and was finally ready to show it to the world.

“I’ve been sitting on this footage for the longest time… it’s the most insane footage ever. I have to share it with you guys.”

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Vitaylzed’s controversial video was in collaboration with instagram mogul Evan “dwarfmamba” Eckenrode. Vitalyzed explained the premise as a kidnapping prank, where he stuffed Evan in a suitcase on the roadside in an attempt to get a reaction out of bystanders.

In the video, Vitalyzed is seen zipping up the suitcase with Evan inside. Afterwards, he calls for a Lyft ride, asking for the drivers’ aid in placing the suitcase in the trunk of his car while Evan screamed for help.

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When questioned about the suitcase, Vitalyzed explained that he had stuffed his child inside as punishment for misbehaving. While some participants opened the suitcase in an attempt to free Evan, others simply walked away.

However, one passerby decided to take legal action.

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Vitalyzed noted an LAPD helicopter flying above the area a short while into his prank. A series of police cars then pulled up to the scene and officers demanded that he drop the bag.

“You know me, I love to push boundaries. I told them, ‘I’m not dropping the bag!’”

The officers pulled out their guns and placed both Vitalyzed and Evan in handcuffs. After placing the two in the back of a police vehicle, the officers decided to let them go – much to their relief.

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Vitalyzed expressed distaste at the participant who called the authorities.

“I guess that’s the reaction I wanted… he was a little pussy, calling the cops, which is fine.”

This prank gone wrong showcases how dangerous such pursuits can be when pranksters decide to push the line. However, it doesn’t look like this instance will stop Vitalyzed’s efforts anytime soon.

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