YouTube legend Hutch fights back against Google over permanent monetization ban

Dylan Horetski
hutch looking into the camera

YouTube legend Hutch is hitting out at Google after he was hit with a permanent ban from monetization on the platform for “invalid traffic.”

Since 2008, Hutch has grown his YouTube channel to an astounding 852,000 subscribers that have viewed his videos over 163 million times.

Back in April 2022, however, Hutch’s monetization on the website was temporarily suspended for “invalid traffic,” causing him to spend over a year appealing the decision.

Hutch revealed that he’s been permanently banned from monetizing on YouTube on May 3, 2023, and he’s not happy.

Hutch hits out at Google following monetization ban

In a series of tweets, Hutch shared his thoughts as well as a screenshot of the email he received from YouTube partner support.

“Well pals, YouTubeCreators asked AdSense to take yet another look at my permanent suspension for “invalid traffic” and they have tripled down that I am responsible for what they detected on my channel. They seemingly do not believe that I could have been targeted,” he said.

In the email, YouTube revealed that they found “invalid traffic” again in April 2023, causing them to completely disable Hutch’s AdSense account.

In a reply, Hutch hit out at Google for having “no protections for creators” who may be targeted by someone attempting to remove their monetization.

He said: “The lesson that I have taken from this experience as a creator on the platform for 15 yrs is there are essentially no protections for creators should you find yourself the target of somebody who wants to have your ability to monetize removed. There’s nothing you can do.”

While it doesn’t look great for Hutch at the moment, the YouTube legend did mention in a reply to another user that he can appeal the company’s latest decision again in three months.

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