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YouTuber PeeWeeToms Provides Emotional Update Regarding His Terminal Cancer

Published: 7/Sep/2018 23:54 Updated: 8/Sep/2018 0:12

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber PeeWeeToms has revealed that his terminal cancer has begun spreading throughout his body, infecting major organs, his nervous system, and even bone.

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The YouTuber, who currently boasts 127k subscribers, has been chronicling his journey with the disease since July 2015.

The cancer – sarcomatoid carcinoma, specifically – was diagnosed as inoperable in April of 2018, where Toms broke the news in an emotional video after a failed surgery.

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However, the sickness has gotten even worse – and it appears that there’s little hope for Toms’ recovery.

Toms uploaded a solemn video informing viewers of this update. In the video, Toms looks much thinner – after just six months since the previous diagnosis, his voice has gotten raspy, and his cheekbones are highly visible.


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Toms read off the results of his scan, stating that the video wouldn’t be easy to make.

“There’s been mass growth on my chest wall… my liver has mass metastasis. I have now got erosion in my bone, along with bone cancer. Life expectancy now is not very long at all.”

He likewise revealed that an amputation of his arm and part of his chest would not be possible due to the cancer’s growth.

While Toms said that he would post an update on his website, nothing has yet been published.

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He stated that he was devastated by the news, and would spend his time with friends and family. However, he isn’t going to stop making videos. 

Toms expressed a desire to keep uploading content, and to keep “fighting for time” in spite of his rapidly declining health.